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June 7, 2013

BehindTheMedspeak: A quick and dirty aptitude test for potential anesthesia residents

The penny dropped yesterday while I was at a red light exiting Barracks Road Shopping Center, at Millmont.

I was in the right hand lane heading north and saw a car approaching on Millmont from my left (the west) with its right turn signal on.

Did I:

1. Turn right?

2. Stay where I was until the car turned?

Answer: 2.

Why is that the correct answer?

Because even though the approaching car looked as if it were about to turn right, it didn't — instead, it kept on going straight ahead and would have T-boned me if I'd assumed it would do as its signal indicated it would.

Bottom line: If you're the type that assumes because something is likely or supposed to happen that it will happen, anesthesia's not for you.

Rather: If it can happen, it will happen.

Think like an anesthesiologist.

If you can't or won't do that, there's still my upcoming so-titled book.

It'll be cheap at 99 cents.

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Blast from the Past: Grass Flip-Flops are back!

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.42 AM

These sold out within hours the last time I featured them

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.29 AM

and I expect the same thing to happen today.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.33 AM

No, you can't sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.52 AM

I got all manner of teeth-gnashing emails from readers

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.57 AM

the last time I posted these so I'm giving you




Now where was I?

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.33.06 AM

Oh, yeah, ambivalence about marijuana legalization... no?

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.48 AM

Grass flip-flops?

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.24 AM

Ah, yeah, right.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.32.39 AM

OK then.


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Spray-On Clothing – Gives a whole new meaning to "skin-tight"


From Well Done Stuff: "Fabrican is a spray-on fabric technology developed at Imperial College in London. The material is made from a polymer and produces washable, reusable clothing. It may have applications in medicine and industry as well as fashion."


"The spray can be applied using a high-pressure spray gun or an aerosol can. The texture of the fabric changes according to the type of material — wool, linen, or acrylic — and how the spray is layered on the body."


Don't take their word for it: watch the video.

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Make Do Vase

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.17.59 AM

By Molly Hatch.

Make-do-e1352652938295 copy

Stoneware inspired by old Delft porcelain.

7" high.


[via the New York Times]

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Fuchsia Dunlop's favorite thing: Issey Miyake's Pleats Please "Magic" Dress


The British chef, who in 1995 became the first foreigner to train at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine, speaks fluent Mandarin and is the author of several cookbooks, most recently "Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking."

In Sunday's New York Times she responded to Kate Murphy's question about what she was wearing as follows: "My Pleats Please dress [top, worn by Ms. Dunlop] by Issey Miyake. It's a sort of black cocktail dress. You can roll it up and stuff it in your suitcase. When you arrive at the other end, it kind of springs out alive and ready to go. It can look quite smart or quite casual depending on what you wear with it. It's kind of a magic dress."

At Issey Miyake stores everywhere.

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