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June 13, 2013

Bruce Lee demonstrates some kung fu moves

He really was fast as lightning.

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Expert's Expert: Cook's Illustrated associate editor Andrea Geary on the one piece of equipment she'd take home if she could have her pick from the Test Kitchen


Asked what it would be, Ms. Geary (above) replied, "It's a total luxury item, but the Vita-Mix blender. Those are fantastic. It's the kind of thing I would never spend the money on myself. But if they gave me one? I'd be fine with that."

You can too.

From $374.95.

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"Glow Worm" — Mills Brothers (live, 1957)

Wrote Flautist: "I've always liked this silly little novelty song (taken from Paul Lincke's operetta 'Lysistrata'), especially as sung by the Mills Brothers, who made it their own, but I never paid much attention to the (modern) Johnny Mercer lyrics [below] until a few days ago when I caught them in the background on some YouTube video or other. They're wonderfully inventive and perfect for this bouncy tune — 'Thou aeronautical boll weevil, illuminate yon woods primeval' just knocks me out. Worth a couple minutes of listening time."


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Binchotan Bracelet


From the website:


The Binchotan Bracelet is not only gorgeous but it also has interesting side benefits.

It is believed that wearing these polished white charcoal beads next to the skin aids in blood circulation, regulates body temperature, and improves mood.

The beads are on a string that can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist size.

The surface of the beads may change over time, gaining a unique patina.

You can keep your Binchotan jewelry on under the shower, when you do the dishes, or when you swim in the ocean — this will not harm the beads (though the string might need to be replaced after a time).


Binchotan jewelry is made from the finest, hardest white charcoal.

This is the highest grade of charcoal available, with an extremely high carbon content.

White charcoal gets its unlikely name from the manufacturing process it goes through.

The raw material is Korean oak and the powdered white charcoal is organically produced and handcrafted in Korea.

Each bead is 0.31"Ø.

Packaged in gift box.


Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.29.26 PM


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A guide for the perplexed: Google+ Circles

Perplexed, yeah, that pretty much sums up my state of mind re: Google+ Circles, having being a member pretty much since inception.

I can say charitably that it is inpenetrable, confusing, and a totally confounding place for this TechnoDolt®™©.

Nothing makes sense, I can't even figure out how to find a person or send them a message once I do.

And yet.

Because I'm getting Glass in the near future and Circles is the nexus of Glass-type stuff now and no doubt even more so in the future, I'm having to reluctantly come aboard in spite of the enormous pain incurred psychologically because it's SO propellerhead-centric and clueless about how normal people with IQ's closer to their shoe size than 100 interact with computers and the Web.

Scott Buehler's guide may be of help to you.

Try it: you might not like it but at least you'll get a sense someone is aware of your pain.

Up top, Google explains Hangouts.

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