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June 18, 2013

David Galbraith — "I'm a designer of the obvious"

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.50.10 PM

"L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" (What is essential is invisible to the eye), wrote de Saint-Exupéry in his 1943 classic, "The Little Prince."

Nothing has changed.

David Galbraith had me at his tagline.

I don't know where exactly I happened on him, prolly Twitter.

No matter.

From his homepage: "I design things that are trivially simple, but they are the right trivially simple. I created the visual bookmarking concept behind Pinterest, the one-line bios used by Twitter and Facebook and co-authored the RSS standard. Originally an architect and set designer, over the last 18 years I have designed things used by nearly a billion people on the web."

Worth a moment of my time and — who knows? — maybe even yours.

Pictured up top, the original dust jacket of the 1943 first edition.

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Temperature Sensing LED Display Cup


From Red Ferret:

Temperaturesensingleddisplaycup2 copy 3


Temperaturesensingleddisplaycup2 copy 2

There are few things worse than grabbing your favorite hot beverage in a rush only to scald your mouth when the contents prove to be delivered straight from the mouth of a volcano.


Or worse, you encounter a rush of stone-cold turgid liquid when what you really needed was a warm soothing flow.

We present the Temperature Sensing LED Display Cup, as fine an invention as you're likely to see anytime soon.

The dual-lining insulated cup runs off two AA batteries and automatically monitors the temperature of the liquid to give a digital and iconized indication of the results.

The cup can cope with temperatures ranging from 0°C–90°C, with the color icon cycling through blue, yellow, and red to reflect the content's temperature.

Stainless steel interior, plastic outer casing.

Holds 380 ml (13 oz.).


Ha, you thought you were gonna be able to get through life without learning Celsius/Centigrade, didn't you?



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The Secret Life of the Cat


[via CuteOverload and reader Linda Badeen who added, "You must share this with your Gray Cat fans!" She'll get no argument from me. Stay tuned for additional episodes, in the pipeline...]

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Tervis Tumbler Handle and Travel Lid


Mike Moroz's review of these pretty much under the radar American classics appeared in Cool Tools on June 15.


They're add-ons for the "indestructible Tervis tumbler."

Pretty strong endorsement, what?

Moroz's review follows.


I have been usingTervis tumblers at the cabin to keep drinks cold on the pontoon for years but didn't know they made a handle and cover for them. What an amazing add-on! Allows you to comfortably hold the tumbler without worrying about spillage or the tumbler slipping out of your hand.

Tervis tumblers are double-walled, insulated, and come with a lifetime guarantee. A great product, made in America since 1946.


Tumblers: $14.99 and up.

Handle: $7.50.

Lid: $5.35.

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Fantastic! James Brown, Michael Jackson AND Prince — live at the Beverly Theatre, August 20, 1983


[via Bill Calvani]

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