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June 13, 2013

A guide for the perplexed: Google+ Circles

Perplexed, yeah, that pretty much sums up my state of mind re: Google+ Circles, having being a member pretty much since inception.

I can say charitably that it is inpenetrable, confusing, and a totally confounding place for this TechnoDolt®™©.

Nothing makes sense, I can't even figure out how to find a person or send them a message once I do.

And yet.

Because I'm getting Glass in the near future and Circles is the nexus of Glass-type stuff now and no doubt even more so in the future, I'm having to reluctantly come aboard in spite of the enormous pain incurred psychologically because it's SO propellerhead-centric and clueless about how normal people with IQ's closer to their shoe size than 100 interact with computers and the Web.

Scott Buehler's guide may be of help to you.

Try it: you might not like it but at least you'll get a sense someone is aware of your pain.

Up top, Google explains Hangouts.

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