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June 29, 2013

Electrifying: Anthony Newley on Ed Sullivan in 1965

Flautist used the word in the headline in her email to me with a link to the YouTube video.

I won't argue.

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Tony Newley singly, or in collaboration with Leslie Bricusse, created some of the finest ballads, Broadway/West End shows, and pop music of the 1960s. This bit is a product of Tony's collaboration with Bricusse.

But, Tony Newley had far more talent than writing and singing - he won the 1963 Tony award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical (Stop the World - I Want to Get Off) -a musical that he and Bricusse both scripted and scored - and, that same year he had a hit comedy album, Fool Britannia! (a sendup of the Keeler-Profumo scandal) starring his then wife, Joan Collins, and Peter Sellers. Tony is a veteran film actor and appeared in dozens of films from the late 1950's throu the early 1970's.

Among Tony's many creations are the theme song to Goldfinger (the acapella performance by Tony is well worth seeking out) and (again with Bricusse) the music for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory!

Tony Newley died in 1999 at the age of 67 from renal carcinoma.

Tony's talent did not die with him where his latest album is 2010's collection of previously unreleased performances titled: Newley Discovered (on the Stage Door label).

Mumbo Jumbo, rhubarb rhubarb
Tickety bubarb yak yak yak

Same as it ever was.

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