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June 18, 2013

Temperature Sensing LED Display Cup


From Red Ferret:

Temperaturesensingleddisplaycup2 copy 3


Temperaturesensingleddisplaycup2 copy 2

There are few things worse than grabbing your favorite hot beverage in a rush only to scald your mouth when the contents prove to be delivered straight from the mouth of a volcano.


Or worse, you encounter a rush of stone-cold turgid liquid when what you really needed was a warm soothing flow.

We present the Temperature Sensing LED Display Cup, as fine an invention as you're likely to see anytime soon.

The dual-lining insulated cup runs off two AA batteries and automatically monitors the temperature of the liquid to give a digital and iconized indication of the results.

The cup can cope with temperatures ranging from 0°C–90°C, with the color icon cycling through blue, yellow, and red to reflect the content's temperature.

Stainless steel interior, plastic outer casing.

Holds 380 ml (13 oz.).


Ha, you thought you were gonna be able to get through life without learning Celsius/Centigrade, didn't you?



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All of you folks can walk around at 37C. I'm an Absolutist at 310.15K.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jun 19, 2013 12:21:56 PM

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