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July 3, 2013

Chalktrail — Bicycle Sidewalk Chalking Toy


Wrote reader Jo Ilbury,


"This product


would have significantly improved


my childhood."


Ditto here.


Blue or Red: $16.99.

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Douglas Englebart died yesterday

From a website: "The point of this documentary is to give you a better feel for who Doug is; what motivates him and where he is coming from. It is not so much about facts as it is about a man and his vision."

In 1969 at Xerox PARC Englebart showed then 24-year-old Steve Jobs what would become the Mac 15 years later in 1984.

The Google Glass I'm wearing right now is the equivalent of a flag on a mountaintop whose base camp and route to the summit was laid out by Englebart and his ilk.

I will be very surprised if tomrrow's Google Doodle isn't a tribute to him.

A giant has passed.

John Markoff's New York Times obituary is here.

An appreciation by Markoff is here.

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Freddy the Flying Drummer

Videre est credere.

[via northern California Crack Research Team®™© member (girl you graduated to the A Team a long time ago what's wrong witchoo?) Tam Donovan who added "my brother just forwarded this for my son, Joe, who is an aspiring drummer. Very cool video."

I won't argue.

And Tam — you didn't have to name your son after me, I already felt the love big-time.

Just sayin', for those who might be contemplating such gestures in the hope of hopping the fastest train to Crazyville on the planet.


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Push Pin Swizzle Sticks


From The Green Head: "These cool new swizzle sticks are shaped like extra-long office push pins but they're designed for holding olives or stirring up your martinis at happy hour after a grueling day of work, picking up appetizers at an office party, or for hanging an 'I Quit' memo on the company bulletin board."

"These massive 5" push pins come in a set of different colors, are dishwasher-safe, and made from stainless steel and plastic. Just be sure not to step or sit on one."


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Crowds on Demand — "Live like an A-lister!"

I only learned of this company when I read an article about its founder in the latest issue of UCLA Magazine.

Excerpts from Sean Brenner's story below.


Rare is the American entrepreneurial success story that begins, "I was getting off of a plane in Estonia...." But just as he was about to begin a Baltic vacation a couple of years ago, Adam Swart '14 conceived of an idea for an unusual business.

"I saw some VIPs getting off of the plane, and they were welcomed with all of this fanfare," says Swart, a Palo Alto native who expects to graduate next spring. "I thought, 'Why can't anybody be welcomed this way? Why is it just for A-listers?'"

Before long, Swart had come up with the idea for his start-up, Crowds on Demand. If you want to know what it's like to have a throng of people give you a hero's welcome at the airport, a crush of paparazzi track your every move while you shop, or a horde of adoring fans follow you around — Swart's firm will send a team of actors to fulfill your wish.

Many of Swart's clients are tourists looking to live out a fantasy. Others are up-and-coming entertainers who figure that if they can manufacture some fake buzz around themselves, real attention from the media might follow. One development Swart didn't expect: The firm has been contracted by advertising and public relations agencies to generate attention for their clients' products at conferences and trade shows.

Swart has booked events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Fees begin at $2,999 for the "celebrity fan experience" and $9,999 and up to have hundreds of actors hold a rally in your honor.

As the business grows, Swart hopes to combine his crowdbuilding acumen with his academic interests. "We could use crowds to galvanize political sentiment," he says. "Our services can really get people informed about issues that matter. People pay so much attention when they see us."

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