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July 9, 2013

"Cat Deco" — The latest from Flautist's Motley Apricot Paintworks


bookofjoe's favorite commenter and artist has broken new ground with this wonderful new painting, just up today in her shop.

I'd buy every painting she has for sale if I had the money.

I've got some small things she's sent me over the years on a shelf that's kind of a shrine, it's so wacky and kewl.

But I digress.

This acrylic on wood signed original is cheap at twice the $120 price.

Love it.

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Cuppo — "Pocket on the wall" minimalist storage solution


No moving parts is always a good idea.


From the website: "Essentially a small container that can be attached to almost any surface. Coming in a multitude of colors, Cuppo could either hide inconspicuously mute along a white wall or be purposefully prominent in order to remind the user not to forget important items when leaving the home.

"Cuppo recently won Hanover's iF Design Award of 2013 — one of the most prestigious awards celebrating outstanding product design."

3.9"W x 3.3"D x 3"H.

Six colors:














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"Leave the shoes. Take the gun." — Chon Day


Chon Day's cartoon appeared in the December 14, 1946 issue of the New Yorker.

It's among Bob Mankoff's 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons ever.

Said Mankoff, "This is a simply perfect cartoon; it's perfectly constructed. We have no empathy or sympathy for the pain-in the-ass old biddy. Then there's this guy, this shoe salesman, bringing out hundreds of shoes. We think he's reaching for another black shoe and it turns out he's reaching for a gun. But this is important: we know he's not going to kill her. If he shot her, it'd be horrible. This is fantasy, not reality."

[via TED Blog]

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Concrete Card Holder (not suitable for a concrete overcoat; just sayin')


From the website:




Concrete Card Holder is a minimalist design created by Zeitgeist Factory.


The card holder is handcrafted from our proprietary blend of cement and recycled stone dust which is a by-product (FunFact: either "by-product" or "byproduct" are acceptable: you could look it up) of the countertop industry.


It is designed to hold cards vertically or horizontally.

Each concrete peg fits snugly to the business card holder via silicone O-rings.

2.5"W X 2.5"D.


White or Dark: $30 (cards not included).

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Catme 13/Glass Effect: Day 5 — POV mile run at last night's Charlottesville Track Club all-comers meet

The Charlottesville Track Club holds a series of summer evening all-comers meets every year.


No pre-entry or pre-registration, $1 for members/$2 for non-members to run all the events you want.

Last night's (Monday July 8) was the first of three weekly meets this month comprising this year's series.

I decided to drop down from my usual 5K (12.5 laps of the magnificent new world-class UVA track at Lannigan Field) and instead put all my energy and running wood behind the very fastest mile I was capable of running while filming the whole thing with Glass.

I was thinking it might be less disturbing and disorienting than the video I shot a couple days ago of my two-mile cross-country run from my house into town.

This morning's video offers a minute or two of pre-race activity as well as some post-race stuff.

Going in, my goal was to break 7 minutes.

I ran a 7:04 mile at a meet on this very same track in May, my first timed mile in at least a decade.

Watch the video (up top) and see if I succeeded last night.

Tell you what: that last lap hurt — big-time.

But then, that's the way it's supposed to be: if it didn't hurt, well, then, I left something in the tank — and that's not the way you play the game.

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Gallium — The metal that melts in your hand


From A Must Need: "The chemical element gallium does not exist in pure form in nature, but since it's so magical and cool looking all solid-to-liquid-at-the-touch-of-a-human-hand and all, of course man figured out a way to extract it from bauxite and zinc ores to use as his personal plaything. The shiny silvery masses begin liquifying at 85.85°F; when placed on the palm... a hunk of gallium will melt into an oozy yet glistening metallic blob in five to seven minutes."


"Unlike mercury, gallium is non-toxic. You could probably even swallow it, as it has been incorporated into some pharmaceuticals and radiopharmaceuticals for medical applications."

"All gallium available for public acquisition appears to be 99.99% pure. It is sold on Amazon in quantities ranging from 10 to 500 grams."

From $19.71.

[via DUDE!!! I WANT THAT...]

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