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July 18, 2013

My desktop

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.34.23 PM

Diff'rent strokes.

I believe that if there is another person on the planet whose Mac desktop matches mine (pictured above) with the dock to the right, minimized to the extreme, I would find her or him to be a kindred spirit.

That is hard wiring taken to its limit.

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LEGO Slippers


Don't come crying to me when you try to order them next week and they're sold out.


Fair warning.


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Helpful Hints from joeeze: "I know the material inside and out, but then make dumb mistakes on tests"

How to take tests

The headline above was the topic of a Physics Forum discussion that produced a number of very useful and practical tips for those whose test and exam performance is consistently vexing, less than what it should be.

Up top, a screenshot of the single best response I happened on.

Use the excellent advice and flourish.

Bonus: free, the way we like it.

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Mobe Accessories Hanger


From the website:




Mobe is an accessories hanger, ideal for ties, scarves, and belts.


Bent plywood, due to its versatility and ability to take unusual and often surprising forms, is used to create the looped body, allowing accessories to hang elegantly, whether out on display or in the closet.

Hook: powder-coated steel.

10.2" x 7.8" x 3.1".


$22. (belts, scarves, and belts not included).

I wonder what percentage of people buying this know why it's called Mobe.

I'm betting less than 5%.

What's your guess?

[via The Green Head]


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Catme13/GlassEffect13 — Can Google Glass keep you safer?


I believe the answer is yes.

While I wait for my incoming replacement Glass (constant readers will recall mine froze this past Monday night and Google sent a replacement Tuesday, due to arrive tomorrow or Saturday), I'll fill this slot with reflections and observations after using the device for 18 days.

It's early days: there's a reason this is considered a beta test with a very limited rollout (a total of 8,000 people are, like me, part of Google's Explorer program) and it's precisely this, finding out the flaws and weak points to create a robust, anyone-can-use-it-the-first-time-without-instructions device.

Back to personal security.

Long story short: put on Glass, connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, start a Google Hangout with someone, and have them watch what you see while you walk home in the dark.

I wish my then Duquesne Law School student daughter, mugged at gunpoint on the front steps of her apartment in Shadyside in Pittsburgh in 2007 as she arrived home around 11 p.m. from the law library, had had them on.

Whoever attacked her might not have done so knowing he was possibly being watched and recorded live.

This is a multi-billion dollar market and Google won't hesitate to hire Tom Ford, Betsey Johnson, Karl Lagerfeld, and any number of the world's greatest designers to make Glass über-stylish enough that even fashionistas won't hesitate to put them on.

Count on it.

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Compleat FoodBag — "The only lunchbox that makes a fashion statement"


I won't argue.


From the website:




The Compleat FoodBag is designed to be a space-efficient and modern lunchbox.


After use you can roll up the empty bag for transportation.


The FoodBag is sturdy, so you can fill it with anything: sandwiches, fruit, soup, or pasta.


FoodBag is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is dishwasher-safe.


Our product has been designed, developed and tested in Norway, which has a long and proud tradition of using lunchboxes.


Compleat FoodBags are of course BPA-free.



Lavender, Blue, Gray, Yellow: €9.95.

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