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July 23, 2013

Rare 1910 audio: Sarah Bernhardt, "The most famous actress the world has ever known," in Racine's "Phèdre

From Open Culture:


The French actress Sarah Bernhardt is often remembered as the first international superstar. Her hypnotic presence and flamboyant personality are legendary. "She could contrive thrill after thrill," wrote Lytton Strachey of Bernhardt's acting abiility, "she could seize and tear the nerves of her audience, she could touch, she could terrify, to the top of her astonishing bent." Bernhardt died before the age of talking movies, notes her biographer Robert Gottlieb, "Yet she remains the most famous actress the world has ever known."

How good was she? Listen above and you can begin to form your own opinion. The recording was made in February of 1910, when Bernhardt and her troupe were touring America. To tap into the emerging phonographic record market, Bernhardt stopped by Thomas Edison's laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey, to cut some wax cylinders. For one recording, she chose a scene from Jean Racine's 1677 tragedy Phèdre, which is based on Euripides' Hippolytus and Seneca's Phaedra. Bernhardt plays the title role opposite an unknown actor in the highly dramatic Act II Scene V, in which Phèdre declares her love for Hypolyte, her stepson.

Unfortunately, the video image twitches in a distracting way. So perhaps the best way to enjoy the audio is to forget the image and read along with Bernhardt. A full transcript is here below the jump.


The photograph above, Sarah Bernhardt as Phèdre, was taken circa 1874 by Paul Nadar.


[via Jennifer Ouellette]

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Portable cushion with a thousand uses


Coming soon


from Norway-based




this brand spankin' new offering,


which I like a lot.


"Our Finnish princess


tests our


amazing new




FLIP pillow."

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: How to access protected WiFi networks in airports and cafés


"Check in on Foursquare and scan the tips section for a password."

[via Bill Hader in the August issue of Wired]

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Ultra-Flexible Hands-Free Magnetic Task Light


From The Green Head:




Ever ask someone to hold a flashlight steady while you work on something in a dark space?


Yeah, that never seems work out does it?


The solution is the cool new FLEXiT Light.


This ultra thin and flexible task light bends, folds, and wraps light in any direction you need it — completely hands-free.


It features 16 high-intensity LEDs with three light settings, strong neodymium magnets for attaching to metal surfaces, and a tough and durable silicone body.

Great for changing tires, illuminating an entire room, working under the sink, walks at night, or for any other situation where you need a focused spot light or a broad flood light.



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Catme13/GlassEffect18: 15 pushups — Yeah!

YouTube caption: "On day #63 — 9 weeks already, for cryin' out loud! — I once again attempt to set a new record for pushups in a session. I've hit the #14 barrier at least 4 times in the past 4 weeks but been simply unable to break through. This time it's different."

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Butter Sucker



If only there was some candy toast to spread this on...

This butter-flavored candy Butter Sucker is just the thing to tide over the butter addict in your life.

While it's full of calories, it has to be better than walking around sucking an actual stick of butter all day.

This 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" pat of butter on a stick mixes the sweetness of sugar with a butter flavor, which is the winning flavor that has propelled obesity for centuries!

You'll wish you had some candy toast to eat with it.



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