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July 2, 2013

joe's got Glass


The map below shows who's got Google Glass in the state of Virginia as of today.


I'm so new (got mine last Friday in New York City) Google hasn't even put up a marker for me — right smack dab in the center of the state of Virginia, in the Podunk town of Charlottesville — on their map of who's got Glass (above; click on the "Find Explorers Near You" link on the right side of this page to see current world-wide distribution).

It's kind of astonishing to me that I'm pretty much the only person in the state — apart from two people near Washington and someone in Williamsburg — to be in possession of this magical, astonishing technology.

Remember the movie "Back To The Future?"

I feel like someone who's suddenly gained access to that kind of power.

It is transformative.

I was just getting a sense of what the device can let me do when Google automatically downloaded XE7 — that's Explorer Edition 7, the latest software update — last night when I plugged the device in to charge it.

Updates happen automatically, apparently on the first of every month (XE6 on June 1 was a major upgrade to the camera).  

Turns out XE7 was like moving from horse & buggy to the automobile: it enables me to say "Google" and then search for anything on the Internet — then open the link and view the page or website.

I wish I could take a screenshot to show you what I see but that capability's not yet built-in: early days.

But wait — there's more! I can pan around the site, scroll up and down, zoom in and out as well.

When I said "Google," then "bookofjoe" and saw my blog as it is on a computer screen — but in the Glass virtual window — I was gobsmacked. 

As I looked around and clicked on links in my posts — and went right to them — I was simply amazed.

This is no humbug.

Why would anyone care about a smartphone upgrade if you've got this kind of technology?

Apple and Samsung should be afraid.

Very, very afraid.

Yo Mike Anderson: put a treadmill smack in the middle of one your restaurants, let me set up a workspace with my laptop, trot me out there with Glass and watch me produce bookofjoe while your customers marvel: you could slap on a cover charge.

"Will work for food."


Might be best at the adults-only sushi bar.

Just sayin'

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See, that's where we're wired differently: to me that's not RAIN but, rather, sweet music.

Posted by: bookofjoe | Jul 3, 2013 7:29:11 PM

Myope that I am here is your RAIN:


Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jul 3, 2013 12:17:00 AM

do you wear it out in public?

Posted by: rob | Jul 2, 2013 8:43:36 PM

By the way, is it legal to wear while driving? Scaaaarrryyy.

Posted by: tamra | Jul 2, 2013 7:49:48 PM

Let's face it, unless something unexpected comes to light,

A pair of eyeglasses that harnesses video, audio, computer and more

will be the least obtrusive device to link us with all that we need

other than nature, home or away.

Please make nature your priority!

Posted by: joepeach | Jul 2, 2013 5:37:24 PM

I want Google to make a left-eye Glass. I have astigmatism in my right eye. Reading without a corrective lens for extended periods causes me fierce eye-strain headaches.

Posted by: antares | Jul 2, 2013 4:54:55 PM

Who is the churpy looking hiking dude half way up a tree on ur sweater?

Posted by: jo | Jul 2, 2013 4:06:13 PM

Who the heck is that old guy in your window! It is a good thing you have Google Glass so that you could capture him!

Posted by: clifyt | Jul 2, 2013 3:05:58 PM

Awesome. I look forward to seeing more demos.

What I would love to do with a Google Glass:
* Wear a video camera that would start recording any time I wanted it to, hands-free. And then upload the recording to my chosen location.
* Instantly do an online search -- hands-free.
* See location data relevant to my location.

I'm sure I'll think of more things. I hope they can fit over my regular glasses because I got out of the habit of contact lenses a while ago.

Posted by: Diana | Jul 2, 2013 2:25:37 PM

I'm having a Rip Van Winkle moment. Unbelievable...and congratulations.

Posted by: tamra | Jul 2, 2013 1:41:50 PM

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