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July 1, 2013

Meat Socks

Meat Socks

Wrote Christina Binkley in the Wall Street Journal, "Chef Chris Cosentino, known for the offal dishes at Incanto, his San Francisco restaurant, recently entered a new field: designing socks."

"Mr. Cosentino's socks, called Meat Feet, are patterned like mortadella, prosciutto, and sopressata. 'We put salami meat in a casing. Casings are kind of like socks,' says Mr. Cosentino.... 'How funny is that?'" 

For those whose preference is learning to cook with offal rather than or in addition to wearing meat socks, Cosentino's website Offal Good is an excellent jumping off point.

Meat socks cost $33 for a three-pack sampler (offal not included).

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