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July 27, 2013

Suction Cup Bungee Cords


From the website:


Keep jars and bottles from falling off a shelf.

Stretchy band has strong suction cups that stay in place on any smooth surface and rotate 360° for easy placement.

Use in a medicine cabinet or shower, too.

Tubing is 18" long; can be cut to fit. 


Two for $12.98.

[via The Green Head]

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So true Flautist, so true.

I lost a beautiful hand made sun reflector that was

mounted on a window with a "fail-safe suction cup".

I came home to shards on the floor one day!


Posted by: Joe Peach | Jul 27, 2013 5:20:36 PM

Strong suction cups that stay in place on any smooth surface!

Ka-POW! BLAM! BOOM! Cr-r-a-a-a-ck!

Posted by: Flautist | Jul 27, 2013 10:25:40 AM

Brilliant! What took so long?

Posted by: Becs | Jul 27, 2013 8:28:11 AM

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