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August 4, 2013

Andrej Karpathy is badmephisto and he will sort out your Rubik's Cube issues in a Palo Alto minute (Video)

Long story short: "I can solve a Rubik's Cube in about 17 seconds."

Does that work for you?

Above, his video "How to solve a Rubik's Cube."

Here's his Cubing Page.

Here's his YouTube Channel.

Here he is on Twitter.

Tell him "Hi" for me, it'll make him smile (I think).


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Zero Halliburton Slimline Aluminum Purse


If I were a girl this would be my bag.


Steve Garbarino's Wall Street Journal review follows.



For escaping life-threatening situations, the lightweight, attaché-size Slimline Aluminum Purse is an evac-friendly 10-by-14 inches.

With an exterior made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it's also resilient enough to safely transport your important paperwork from Point A to Point B.

And who would guess that, behind that shining armor, there was a supple leather lining? You might as well survive in style when you get to that clean, well-lighted place.


I'm rather surprised Zero Halliburton missed a sure bet by not offering a Kevlar-lining for an additional grand.

But I suppose you can always find an armorer who'll handle that, no worries.


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Greek (left), Latin (right), and Cyrillic (bottom) alphabets


[via The Museum of Russian Art and Cheezburger]

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Mini LED Book Lamp

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.36.25 PM

From the website:

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.36.37 PM


Fully functional retro-style book lamp with desk base. 

Use at bedtime by clipping it onto your book. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.36.31 PM

Use in the daytime on its weighted base on your favorite desk, table or shelf.

The arm and lamp head joints pivot to direct light where you want it.


Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.36.41 PM

Retro Red, Brilliant Black, Classic Cream: $26.99 (book not included).

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 30 — 3 views of 1 cat

A quiet set of Glass videos taken over the past few days, each featuring Gray Cat in repose.

Amazing to me is the fact that in spite of spending 90% of her waking life — and 100% of her sleeping life, which itself is about 75% of her total life — immobile (not counting as activity her twitches and starts while dreaming of electric mice), her weight never varies from about seven pounds,

even after having been made a 100% indoor cat in August of last year after 8 years of pretty much living the wild life, coming inside just to eat and sleep at night.

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Corn Twister

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 2.49.22 PM

No, not a new medical device but, rather, a new way to strip kernels off corn on the cob.


I featured some variation on this theme every couple months for years but haven't had one up in some time so why the heck not for old time's sake?


Here's what Florence Fabricant had to say about it in a July 30, 2013 New York Times review:


"Every summer there's a new gadget to strip kernels from the cob. I invariably return to a sharp knife. But the Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister, a plastic corn look-alike, has changed my mind. As you twist the hollow tube down the ear, its jagged metal teeth remove the kernels efficiently. The green leaves help hold the cob, and the twister when it's not in use."


$16 (corn not included).

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