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August 9, 2013

White Dog — by Carl Phillips (Blast from the past*)



First snow—I release her into it—
I know, released, she won't come back.
This is different from letting what,

already, we count as lost go. It is nothing
like that. Also, it is not like wanting to learn what
losing a thing we love feels like. Oh yes:

I love her.
Released, she seems for a moment as if
some part of me that, almost,

I wouldn't mind 
understanding better, is that
not love? She seems a part of me,

and then she seems entirely like what she is:
a white dog,
less white suddenly, against the snow,

who won't come back. I know that; and, knowing it,
I release her. It's as if I release her
because I know.






*Originally featured on April 11, 2006

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Anti-Boil-Over Pot Lid — "Put an end to messy stovetop cleanups"


Sure beats cleaning under the burners: nasty down there.


But I digress.

From The Green Head:


At long last, stress-free cooking is here

A watched pot never boils — but a pot seems to boil over instantly as soon as you look away.

This handy silicone lid fits pots and pans with 6"-10" diameters and prevents messy and potentially dangerous spillovers while cooking pasta and more — even at full boil.

Since it's heat-resistant to 400°F it can also be used to stop messy spits and splatters from greasy frying pans.

Microwave- and dishwasher-safe.



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Shirley Bassey's epic "Goldfinger" — Live at Royal Albert Hall (1973)

This thrilling, chilling rendition just gets better every time I watch and listen to it.

Her hands in all their spidery, beckoning magnificence make this video a work of art, way better than simply listening to the song.


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Blocklite 9V LED Flashlight — Will someone please figure out a way to connect a 9V battery to Google Glass?


Sean Michael Ragan's review in Make: "Fun fact: The 9V, aka 'Power Pack 3,' battery was originally part of a whole series of Eveready 'Power Pack' batteries, most of which featured the signature 'snap' terminal connectors. Today the 9V is the only battery in common use that still has these positive-locking connectors. And frankly, they intrigue me. What other clever, tiny devices could we design for batteries to clip onto, instead of into?"


Besides the clever clip-on feature, I dig the Blocklite as an exercise in minimalism: it's not much more than a 9V battery snap, six bright white LEDs, and a three-position center-off switch. Switch left to illuminate all six LEDs, right for just the middle two. The bundled Eveready PP3 was still giving usable light after 96 hours of continuous operation on the bright setting. It measures, weighs, and costs just a hair under 1 inch, 10 grams, and 10 bucks, respectively, and totally justifies every unit."



Note: I am mildly surprised Ragan didn't mention Pak-Lite, which began selling 9V-based lights a long time ago.

I first featured them here in 2006.

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 33 — Back

The video above was shot with my brand spankin' new pair of Glass, just received from Mountain View in exchange for pair #2 which — in a sequence of events very similar to that preceding the demise of my original pair — stopped working last Friday while I was out running and sweating and all on a hot and humid summer evening.

My BFF Cary is arriving from Texas this afternoon and we will then begin production of our long anticipated — how does 50 years sound, does that work for you? — Joe & Cary Show.

Look for it to appear Saturday: perhaps in this slot, a rather soft opening, or it might instead get prime time at 8:01 p.m.

We'll just have to see what we come up with.

We're bursting with ideas and can't wait to get started.

FunFact: Cary's sent me a couple videos he made on his own the past couple weeks and they're so amusing I'm tempted to just use his stuff for our show.

Think I'm exaggerating?


Here's one he made today at home after he was done at the office:

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Candle Handle


From the website:




If you enjoy candles, this product is the perfect accessory for your collection, aiding you with three essential candle-functions.


Firstly, it solves the challenge of lifting the candle safely into place once lit, eliminating the never-ending struggle between lowering it safely into place and getting burned. Secondly, it allows you to easily extinguish the flame. By placing Candle Handle over the candle and pushing a button, Candle Handle extinguishes the flame by suffocating the fire without a single spill. Thirdly, Candle Handle comes with an integrated candle sharpener.


This tool allows you to form the candle to fit perfectly in your candlestick, greatly reducing the chance that the candle will tip over.




Designed in Norway.


€19.95 (candle not included).

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