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August 28, 2013

A Flight Through the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

From NASA: "What would it look like to fly through the distant universe? To find out, a team of astronomers estimated the relative distances to over 5,000 galaxies in one of the most distant fields of galaxies ever imaged: the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF). Because it takes light a long time to cross the universe, most galaxies visible in the above video are seen when the universe was only a fraction of its current age, were still forming, and have unusual shapes when compared to modern galaxies. No mature looking spiral galaxies such as our Milky Way or the Andromeda galaxy yet exist. Toward the end of the video the virtual observer flies past the furthest galaxies in the HUDF field, recorded to have a redshift past 8. This early class of low luminosity galaxies likely contained energetic stars emitting light that transformed much of the remaining normal matter in the universe from a cold gas to a hot ionized plasma."

[via Paul McAuley]

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LED Flashlight with 8 Multitools


From the website:






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when you order and it costs just $1.99.


Bonus: free shipping.


Best offer you're gonna get all day.


Trust me on this.

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Balance From Within: What happens when you cross grandma's sofa with a Segway

From The Finch and Pea:




Jacob Tonski's "Balance From Within" looks like an illusionist's trick but it's really a clever bit of engineering, applying space-age technology to an old-fashioned piece of furniture.

Tonski, an artist who teaches at the University of Miami [Ohio], found a broken-down sofa from the 1840s, took it apart, and installed a reaction wheel — a rotating device often used to reorient satellites or telescopes. 

He then added a second axis to the reaction wheel which allowed the sofa to balance as if by magic on one leg.

Tonski says the piece is a "meditation on the nature of human relations, and the things we build to support them."

The sofa's mechanism self-corrects when the piece is touched gently, but if it is pushed too far — like a relationship — it can break apart.

Fortunately, the pieces of the sofa are held together with strong magnets, allowing it to be rebuilt quickly and easily — unlike a relationship.

"Balance From Within" is currently on display at the FILE Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil until September 1. 


[via The Creators Project and Jennifer Ouellette]

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Barbed Wire Earrings

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 3.52.07 PM

Rose gold

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 3.51.46 PM

from Rodarte.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 3.49.10 PM


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Catme 13/Glass Effect 52 — UVA vs Santa Clara women's soccer (Part 2) on Google Glass (video)

About three and half minutes of footage of the final two minutes or thereabout of the first half of this past Sunday's match at Klöckner Stadium on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

UVA, ranked #8 in the nation, shut out #20 Santa Clara in a game played predominantly in the Santa Clara half of the field.

Who knows?

Maybe UVA can rise to the top and dethrone might North Carolina at long last.

Don't count on it, though.

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Collapsible Pocket Funnel — You just never know when you'll need one


Women, think outside the bathroom space: this could be a lifesaver.


Or simply an alternative to sitting on a toilet seat that just doesn't look very appealing.


If I were a girl I would NEVER leave home without one.


But that's just me.

Two inch diameter.

A snip at $1.99.

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