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August 29, 2013

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Music Syllabus (video)

A work of art.

Wrote Flautist, my Crack Music Consultant©™®: "OUTSTANDING. I had to watch it about five times. Wonderful."

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Credit Card Size USB-to-micro-USB Data Sync & Charging Cable




From the website:



Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 6.28.03 PM




Blue, Orange, or White: $5.95.

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National Flags Made From Native Foods


Wrote Paul Caridad in Visual News:


"This creative collection of food photography [is] by Australian advertising agency Whybin/TBWA."


"To promote the Sydney International Food Festival, Australia's largest food festival which had almost a million attendees last year and chefs from all over the world, the imaginative team re-created 18 national flags using foods native to each nation."


"Basil, pasta, and tomatoes create the stripes on Italy's flag,


while hot dogs and buns were used for the U.S.,


olives and feta cheese for Greece,


and curries with rice for India


and Indonesia."








more exemplars.


[via Heather Russell and Jordan Gaines Lewis]

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Remember Shelf


3D to-do list.


From the website:



This shelf and notice board makes it easier to remember all your chores, tasks, and items, especially when heading out the door.

The soft and somewhat flexible knobs allow you to attach items of various sizes and shapes so you'll bring them with you.

The white surface doubles as a whiteboard for messages to yourself or your loved ones, and the slide-knobs allow you to keep track of recurring tasks, items, or chores.

Even the most experienced airline captain has to run through a checklist before departure: this shelf becomes your dumbed-down checklist.

It will save you many trips back inside to pick up forgotten items, turn on the dishwasher, or turn off the TV.

13" x 8"; knob length: 2".


€24.95 (items pictured above on shelf not included).

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 53: Gyro Gearloose Lives! (video)

YouTube caption: "I show off my custom hands-free phone holder, wrapped around my neck while using Glass. This is the future!"

Those new to Gyro Gearloose start here.

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Flexo-line — Wait, don't click away: this has NOTHING to do with Miley Cyrus


From the website:


Lightweight Travel Clothesline


For the strength to hold all your wet laundry, forget those cute little suction cup clotheslines.

The Flexo-line holds up to 12 pounds of wet clothes thanks to its surgical-grade natural latex rubber tubing which is woven in THREE braids — not the usual two.

Just loop its ends around a doorknob, hook, shower head, or rod (it stretches to seven feet), then poke a corner of your wet garment in the tight braid to dry — no clothespins needed.

Features and Details:

• Holds up to 12 lb of wet clothes without clothespins or hooks

• Three strands of surgical-grade natural latex rubber tubing

• Loops around a doorknob, hook, shower head, or rod

• May be washed in mild soap and water

• With proper care it will last for years

• Will not snag delicate fabrics

• Weight: 1 ounce


$10.50 (underpants et al. not included)

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