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August 2, 2013

BedBunker — "Sleep on it"

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.10.53 PM

Long story short: "BedBunker is the ultimate concealed safe."

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.10.53 PM copy 2

"Protect your belongings from fire and theft in a convenient and concealed location."

From $2,900.

Tell them I sent you for a special treat reserved for joeheads.


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That crook may be surprised by finding the valuables under the mattress rather than in it, but he will get his comeuppance when he spends the loot and more at the doc trying to fix his thrown out back.

Posted by: itsrichard | Aug 5, 2013 1:15:30 PM

I love this. I recently asked the young branch manager at my local bank (who was gone the following week) what the advantage is to keeping money in the bank. He had changed all my family accounts around to "better serve my needs", but one day I discovered that if I didn't keep a very high balance I was charged a $30 service fee. "Sooo", I said, "since I earn micro percentage points in interest, and I am charged for taking out my own money, why not just buy krugerrands and keep them under the mattress?" "well...free money orders..." he replied feebly. Excuse me for thinking like George Bailey, but I don't see the bank giving out any salt and loaves of bread on the doorstep of my neighbor's new home. Maybe I'm better off keeping papa dollar and mama dollar at home.

Posted by: tamra | Aug 2, 2013 4:32:45 PM

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