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September 5, 2013

Why sometimes it's good to run away from your problems (Blast from the past)


This post originally appeared here on May 21, 2008.


"... Heaney — recalling the physical fact that the longer the lever, the less the force necessary 'to move the mass and get the work going' — reminds us that geographical, temperamental, and cultural differences, whether small or immense, can provide a stance from which to move our subject matter with greater clarity. At times, he suggests, what is 'intractable when wrestled with at close quarters becomes tractable when addressed from a distance.'"

From Lisa Russ Spaar's introduction to her new anthology, "All That Mighty Heart: London Poems."

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Airocide Air Purifier — NASA/International Space Station technology comes to your humble abode


"A light inside activates a photocatalytic reaction on glass rings coated with titanium dioxide. Particles and spores including dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, and pet dander bond to the glass, then vaporize."

Bag those fiberglass filters you never remember to change.

At $799 it's a snip compared to the cost of a ticket aboard one of the early space tourist ships.

I'd be very surprised to learn these aren't standard kit at Google offices around the country.

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Half of the U.S. population lives in 146 counties, in blue on this map

Map of us 50 percent


This should be an enormously valuable piece of information for businesses aiming to optimize their advertising dollars.

I know it's already changed my approach.


[via Joseph Weisenthal, Walter Hickey, and Business Insider]

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Safe-Hit Personal Alarm — "Two lines of defense against assault"


What is it all of a sudden with the personal keychain alarms?


First one on Monday and now this latest contender, out of Norway where the people are tall and rich and beautiful and the design just never seems to stop flowing from the creative minds at Unikia.

From the device website:


Many people grab their keys when they feel unsafe.

We made use of this and created an all-in-one personal alarm keychain.

This incredibly loud alarm is combined with a key ring to give you two layers of defense in the event of an assault.

In case the siren is not enough, you can wield the key that pops out as a weapon for your last line of defense.

Uses four standardized and replaceable CR2032 batteries (included).


Black or White.


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Catme 13/Glass Effect 60 — Gray Cat falls in love with her new outdoor play space (video through Google Glass)

After establishing a perimeter I proceeded to trick out her new crib.

Sweet, if  I do say so myself.

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What is it?

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.57.42 PM

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: designed and fabricated in the Milky Way.

A third: has absolutely nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

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