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September 10, 2013

"What I will do for the rest of my life" — by Diana Nyad, age 10


Her essay (above), written when she was a fifth grader in Fort Lauderdale, appears in her 1978 book "Other Shores."

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Bola Service Table — Ping-Pong table morphs into dining surface


That's different.

From Men's Journal: "In the afternoon it's a regulation table-tennis platform but hide the net in the integrated sub-surface drawer and it becomes ready for fine dining."

By Barcelona-based designer Antoni Pallejà.

High-pressure laminate top and iroko-wood legs.

Coming next month in white or black.

$4,000: apply within.

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We get email

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.33.49 PM

Above, what arrived late last night.

It's all good, except for:

• jstirt@gmail.com is not my email address

• I don't have a Samsung account (or device)

• My name's joe not Joanna

• "It is unavailable to change your password" might not be the most felicitous phrasing

• Neither is "after 24 hours from receiving this email"

Other than that I failed to comply with the request to "please ignore this E-mail," it's all good.

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Dewalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver


From Men's Journal: "Grip the screwdriver and turn your wrist — without your touching a button, it starts to spin thanks to a gyroscope, similar to one in a video game remote, that tells the tool which direction your hand is turning and how far it has rotated. The farther you twist your wrist, the faster it spins."

LED light on the business end is a nice touch.

Can your screwdriver do that?

Didn't think so.


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Catme 13/Glass Effect 65: Leftovers from last week's BBQ + Ghost Pepper Dinner by chef Peter Chang


Your wish is my demand.

It's the equivalent of nose-to-tail, this appetizer-to-styrofoam-takeout container filled with the remains of one spectacular meal.

Full disclosure: I took five of these containers home with me.

Best decision I've made so far this year.

Chef Chang's dishes were even better out of the fridge over the two subsequent days.

Trust me on this.

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Quarterback Playbook Armband — The ultimate way for a football fan to show their love


The penny dropped Sunday night watching Tony Romo diddling around with his armband, pulling out cards and looking for just the right play.

Why should quarterbacks have all the fun?

Anyone can play, as long you've got your handy-dandy nifty playbook right there on your wrist.

To-do lists and smartphone apps are SO over.


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