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September 19, 2013

Experts' Expert: Preserving the classic red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes


An interesting and informative Q&A by Teri Agins in yesterday's Wall Street Journal follows.



Q: Do you recommend putting rubber treads on leather soles? I have a pair of Christian Louboutin boots with the red leather sole and I hate to cover the lovely color, though I know with wear the color will scuff off.

A: For years I have taken my Manolo Blahnik and Ferragamo pumps to have a super-thin layer of rubber put on the sole, giving me more traction and grip — and making them more comfortable on my feet and legs. The shoe repairman introduced me to this paper-thin rubber he expertly applies that is undetectable. It makes them more durable too. (I don't bother applying rubber to certain high heels I only wear while standing on carpet for no more than a couple of hours.)

For your Louboutins, the red soles are a status symbol of the brand and there are ways you can preserve that. There are several online resources that market red rubber soles designed for Louboutin. I found Vibram red rubber soles sold at RealRecreationUSA.com for $69.99 (1 millimeter thick). I found red rubber soles from a resource called Shoe Bottoms on Amazon.com for $10.95. Another resource: RedRubberSoles.com, which has soles that are 1.8 mm thick for $10.99. However, read the customer reviews for those and other vendors. I noted there were a number of complaints about durability. Check first with the best shoe-repair shop in your town to see what red soles they recommend.

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Design by Conran — at JC Penney (!)


Who'd a thunk?

From the website:


Big enough for large gatherings and family dinners yet elegant enough for entertaining.

This extendable dining table is the perfect mix of contemporary form and flexible function.

Inspired by the traditional method of joinery, this product is skillfully crafted with finger joint details, solid oak legs and a wonderfully smooth oak surface.

Details and Features:

• Solid poplar construction with oak veneer and solid oak legs

• 72"L x36"W x 30"H without leaf

• 90"L x36"W x30"H extended

• Leaf storage bag included


Originally $1,325, reduced to $795.

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Time-lapse of Costa Concordia parbuckling

Videre est credere.

Back story here.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: bigger than a bread box.

Another: intended for external use only.

A third: not made by a 3-D printer (insofar as I can determine).

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 74 —

Late yesterday afternoon, I looked outside the front door and saw a deer munching away not 10 feet from where Gray Cat and I lay and sat, respectively.

That got our attention.

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Sciatica Saddle

4827-1.zoom.a copy 2

From the website:


4827-1.zoom.a copy

Our Sciatica Saddle relief pillow is your best defense against chronic low back pain.

Sitting for long periods puts pressure on your sciatic nerve which can lead to sharp radiating pain in the buttocks and legs.

This bicycle seat-shaped cushion eases and prevents sciatica discomfort by taking weight off your thighs and backside, helping you maintain proper seating posture.

100% polyfill padding with removable poly/cotton cover.

Perfect for home, office, or car.

14½"L x 10¼"W.



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