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September 27, 2013

"You Can Leave Your Hat On" — Randy Newman

His 1972 song, sung by him, is the best song about hats ever.

It's not even close.

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3-Plug Outlet Switch — Off means OFF


From the website:


3-Plug Outlet Switch helps you save energy when appliances aren't in use.

Handy outlet adapter lets you plug in and run up to three appliances from just one electrical socket.

Then just flip a single switch to turn off the power supply and conserve electricity!

Ideal for entertainment systems, computer equipment, and other home electronics.

Indoor use only.

5.25" x 2" x 2".




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Google Glass: Early Days (1962)


Above, a 1962 magazine cover that's strikingly prescient.*

It only took 49 years to get from there to here:


and a couple more to make the final push to the top.


Details in Dr. Rafael Grossmann's essay.

*The woman on the magazine cover up top looks like she could be Rusty Blazenhoff's sister.

Or maybe it's Rusty in an earlier incarnation.

After all, she just turned 43 this week which means she appeared just eight years after the magazine came out.

Think about it.

There are no coincidences.

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What is it?

N copy

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: not found on Japan Trend Shop.

A third: for external use only. I mean, what were you thinking?

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 82: A drive home from the cleaners — through Google Glass (video)

A pleasant day for an errand, so I took a few minutes out from avoiding doing what I was supposed to be doing to take it to the next level: meta-avoidance.


That's the way you do it.

Or at least, the way I've always done it.

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bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: G-Form XTREME X Ruggedized Protective Case for iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S

Photo copy 2

I've had this case since I got my iPhone last year I think it was.

Photo copy

I cannot imagine anything better — especially for the money — in terms of protection, usability, and aesthetics [sic].



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