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September 30, 2013

10 Things I've Learned After 3 months with Google Glass


Constant readers know that I am a card-carrying TechnoDolt©™® — in fact, I invented the word — and therefore the perfect test case for how an average joe would use arguably the most advanced piece of wearable computing technology ever created.

When I went on the Glass Explorers page and expressed my difficulties and vexations, I got flamed so bad even the moderator ever so gently told me perhaps it would be best if I didn't continue to contribute.

I can take a hint.

So I brought my elations and frustrations to a more public forum, Twitter, where I've happily reported on my ups and downs and sidewise turns with Glass for the past three months.

Here then, without further ado:

10 Things I've Learned After 3 Months with Google Glass

1. It is a spectacular technological achievement: breathtaking.

2. It is a thing of exquisite beauty and refinement.

3. Like a Lamborghini, it is extremely tightly strung and finely tuned.

4. It is very delicate and easy to break (I'm on my third one, which was damaged physically but not functionally last Friday such that I'm not going to exchange it for yet a fourth — at least, not as of right now). Moisture, high temperature, humidity — all these will brick the device in a Mountain View yoctosecond.

5. The best thing about it is the camera: the quality of both video and still images astonishes everyone who sees them.

6. It's not simply the quality of the camera but also its availability and accessibility, without having to fumble for your phone and go through all the steps necessary to take a picture or movie

7. It is frustrating and difficult to use to the point it will make you scream: specifically, the voice and gesture and touch interfaces usually work — but sometimes they don't. So you have to do something again and again to make it happen.

8. The operational commands to post and share and delete stuff are buggy and cumbersome and hard to use and the memory management is awful, requiring way too much time and effort to keep clearing space for new video.

9. Wearing it in public now while it's still in beta and before commercial release is as close to being Kanye West or Britney Spears as you'll ever get. 

10. I'll be first in line with my money in my hand when the retail version comes out next year.

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It's taken forever but finally there's a T-shirt that sums it all up as far as I'm concerned.


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Follow the Yellow Brick Road


Yellow Brick Road from an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park in North Carolina.

[via Living in a Retro World and RelentlesslyOptimistic]

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Secret Hiding Place Scarf


From the website:




With the security of a cross-body bag and the simplicity of a clutch, this scarf will be the most versatile item in your travel wardrobe.


Unfolded, it's a stylish infinity scarf with two hidden zippered security pockets that discreetly carry your phone, cash, credit cards, and other essentials hands-free.

Wear it double-wrapped around your neck, across your body, or over your shoulder — or zip it up and carry as a clutch.

It's also great for airport security — just load up the pockets and send it through X-ray screening.

Features and Details:

• Weight: 12 oz.

• 31" long; 10-12" tapered width

• 100% polyester shell; 92% polyester/8% spandex liner


Eggplant, Black, Titanium, Cranberry: $50.

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 85: Gray Cat napping — as close as I could get through Google Glass (video)

Res ipsa loquitur.

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Fake TV — "No one will know you're not really home"


That's what you're hoping, anyhow.


From websites:



Clever flickering Fake TV helps prevent home break-ins.

An ingenious invention for added security when you're away from home, this colorful little LED light simulates the flicker of a TV screen to deter would-be thieves from entering your home.

A built-in light sensor turns it on automatically at dusk, and it can be set to turn off after four or seven hours.

Features and Details:

• Deters burglars by simulating the light of a 40" LCD HDTV so home looks occupied

• Only consumes power of a nightlight

• Light pattern never repeats

• One-switch operation

• AC adapter included

• 2¾" x 3¼" x 2½"

• ABS and acrylic



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