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September 21, 2013

Catnip Bubbles


That's different.

From a website:


Bubbles That Will Drive Your Kitteh Bonkers


The person who wrote the first sentence of the Wikipedia article on catnip deserves a high-five: "Nepeta cataria is mostly used as a recreational substance for feline enjoyment."

So true, random contributor, so true.

With the effects that 'nip (as it's known on the streets) has on the average cat, it's amazing the stuff isn't illegal.

Cats on the 'nip have been known to roll around with reckless abandon, chase after things that aren't there, drool excessively, and suffer from extreme wide-eyed paranoia.

Nepetalactone is the organic compound in catnip that causes your cat to go wild — that is, unless your particular feline lacks the catnip gene.

One in four cats will never do 'nip; they're just not interested.

Catnip Bubbles are the new drug on the street, luring many a cat into 'nip abuse much like "cheese" lured dumb middle schoolers into getting hooked on heroin. (We're pretty sure your cat is smarter than the average middle schooler... at least until catnip is involved.)

Catnip Bubbles are made just like regular bubbles — but with the addition of catnip oil for maximum craziness.

Product Specifications, Features and Details:

• Bubbles that will drive your kitteh bonkers

• Made from catnip oil for an irresistible scent

• Includes 4 ounces of catnip bubble solution and bubble wand


$5.96 (cat not included).

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