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September 2, 2013

Ear-piercingly loud Keychain Emergency Alarm


101dB will get anyone's attention.


Might save your life, you never know.

From the website:


Personal Security Alarm is compact enough to be carried in pocket or purse and can be attached to a keychain.

It features an ear-piercing alarm that is easily activated and easily turned off with the push of a button.

Features and Details:

• Slick design

• Compact size

• Can be carried in pocket or purse

• Convenient clip so you can attach it to your belt

• Deactivate by pressing button located at the bottom

• Uses three AG13 batteries (included)

• Can also be attached to a keychain

• Easy activation buttons (on sides)

• Ear-piercing alarm — 101dB

• Plastic with metal clip

• 3" x 1½" x ½"

• Weight: 1 oz.



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