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September 2, 2013

"How to Put Yourself Inside of a Coat" — Allie Brosh gives a lesson

Video caption: "If you want to be inside of a coat, but you are not currently inside of a coat, you may find this instructional video helpful. In five easy steps, I explain to you the complex process of inserting your body into a coat. I am very confident that at the end of this video, you will either be wearing a coat in the correct fashion or very nearly wearing a coat in the correct fashion."

The grand panjandrum of Hyperbole and a Half — whose much-anticipated book "Hyperbole and a Half"


at long last comes out next month — uploaded the video to YouTube on October 9, 2010, shortly before her life turned inside out.

Perfect metaphor.

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Very weird knowing what she looks like after reading all sorts of private details she has posted on the internet over the years. Following her posts on depression was pretty heart breaking.

Kinda weird to see that she is an attractive, funny girl...then again, my best friend is attractive and funny (not intentionally...far far far from intentionally funny...still one of the funniest people I know), and occasionally suffers from crippling depression.

Posted by: clifyt | Sep 2, 2013 10:43:43 PM

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