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September 24, 2013

Nibble Cake Pan — "Take a bite without destroying your masterpiece!"




From the website:




... and a nibble for the chef


This 8-inch-diameter pan with a sidecar feature lets you play taste tester before the party.

Great for new bakers or trying crazy recipes.

Take a bite without destroying your masterpiece.

We all know that baking a cake can be a tricky business.

You gotta measure ingredients to just the right amount.

Make sure that your oven is the right temperature.

Don't bake the cake too long.

Don't bake the cake for not long enough.

And all that's just using boxed cake mix!

Once you start experimenting with all sorts of ingredients, things can get pretty crazy pretty fast.

If you are a new baker or just trying out wacky concoctions, then the Nibble Cake Pan is perfect for you.

This innovative design includes a small cake holder on the side of the cake pan that lets you try out just a taste of your cake creation without disturbing the final product.

Because let's face it: delivering a cake with one tiny slice cut out is almost as bad as delivering one that you don't realize is an experiment gone wrong.

Product Specifications and Observations:

• Lets you bake a mini cake on the side

• Great idea for novice bakers or crazy foodie experimenters

• Main pan is carbon steel with silicone coating; tiny purple silicone cup for your mini cake

• Main pan: 11.5" x 9"; 8" diameter; 2" deep

Note: Your nibble will finish cooking far faster than your full cake. Your times may vary, but see if you can find timing for a cupcake version of your cake for guidance.



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The small cake would be ready well before the large cake, so you're either going to have to time two cakes perfectly or put up with a burnt mini-cake.

Posted by: Graeme | Sep 25, 2013 7:22:16 AM

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