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October 2, 2013

The best is within reach — but you need the right lens to see it

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.39.51 PM

I remember summers back in the late 1950s, when I would ride my (at least it felt that way to me) 800-pound solid steel one-speed bicycle with balloon tires a couple miles down to the stockyards in Milwaukee at 18th and St. Paul Avenue to gather discarded Coke bottles.

Two cents a bottle when I returned them for the deposit!

That was serious money to me, when a pack of baseball cards cost a nickel and you got a big (compared to the postage stamp size iterations offered today) thick slab of pink bubble gum to go with it.

I received no allowance or anything like that till I was 11 so I was pretty much on my own as regards spending money.


If I had an especially great day collecting bottles — I'm talking maybe 10-12 — I'd give myself a treat and buy a Coke, spending a precious nickel from my earnings and sitting quietly in the shade somewhere on that hot, still, humid afternoon and enjoying every icy sip from that curvy thick 6.5 ounce bottle (top).

That was — and remains — as good as life ever got.

Well, this afternoon, watching Gray Cat go through her routines and all around the house, up and down the stairs and out and back from the front step, it occurred to me that she's the best pet in the world: I cannot imagine having another animal — forget about a human being — as great to spend every waking (and sleeping) minute around, up close and personal all the time.

So once again, somehow I have been privileged to have the very best thing possible, just like that Coke I drank in the 50s: no one, no matter how rich or powerful they were/are, could have had a better Coke nor could anyone on the planet be happier than I am with Gray Cat.

So you see, in the end every single person who ever lives has a shot at having the best.

You just have to be able to see it when it's right in front of your eyes.

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An app to check your car's tire pressure


What took so long?

Wrote reader PT, who sent me news of this app this morning, "The consensus... seems to be that it's 'better than nothing.'"

Caveat pressor.

Free, the way we like it (tires — and car — not included).

[via Lifehacker]

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David Bowie's Top 100 Books


[via The Guardian]

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Lester's Fixins Food Sodas — They're what's for breakfast!


From The Green Head: "Prepare your taste buds, your stomach, and your mind before you chug down these cool new Lester's Fixins Food Sodas. These weird gourmet sodas go beyond the boring old cola flavor, they taste exactly like you're drinking carbonated ranch dressing, pumpkin pie, peanut butter and jelly, buffalo wings, bacon, or sweet corn."


$2.99 a bottle.

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Catme 13/Glass Effect 87: Up close and personal with Gray Cat through Google Glass (video)

Manic Tuesday.


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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses



From the website:



Give your eyes the look of Sanrio's favorite feline friend with Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses,

Hello-kitty-violet-contact-lens-1 copy 2

a pair of violet contacts that will transform your vision into kawaii character fun.

Hello-kitty-violet-contact-lens-1 copy 3

This set of left and right non-corrective contacts also comes with a Kitty-themed case and box, making it a perfect gift for anyone who loves Hello Kitty!

Hello-kitty-violet-contact-lens-2 copy

Features and Details:

• Made from HEMA, coloring agent, saline

• Use: 1 month (varies per usage)

• Lens are without correction

• Coloring diameter: 13mm

• Water content: 36%

• BC: 8.6mm


Hello-kitty-violet-contact-lens-2 copy 2


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