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October 8, 2013

Katie Heaney will sort you out


The author of an upcoming memoir entitled "Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date" has a rather sprightly website wherein she waxes tartly on any number of things.

I find it very entertaining; you might too.

You might not: if that's the case, let me know and I will cheerfully refund every penny you paid.

Now get out of here.

On your way out, feel free to stop by her BuzzFeed outpost.

From her biography on Amazon: "She lives in Minneapolis with her best friend and a fish and, she thinks, a ghost."

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Catnip Cave — "Cat interaction releases catnip"


Attn: Flautist.


From the website:




Cat interaction with bag releases catnip — Nanotechnology provides for long-lasting scent


They love boxes.

They love bags.

They basically love any container they can wedge themselves into.

So when you mix the magic of brown grocery bags with catnip?

All bets are off.

Speaking of which, our lawyers wanted us to say that we are totally not responsible for any 3 a.m. zoomies this product might cause.

When rubbed, scratched, or crumpled, these Catnip Cave bags use Nano-Burst Technology™ to release molecules of nepetalactone.

They're perfect for older cats who like to catloaf on top of things.

They're perfect for younger cats who like to hide and pounce.

They're basically perfect for all cats who like catnip (which is not all of them. But you know who you are.)

Product Specifications:


• Each pack includes 4 (four) paper bags infused with catnip

• Microencapsulated catnip is released when touched, rubbed, or scratched

• Catnip in bags lasts for approximately 6 weeks of intense feline investigation (which means this pack contains almost a half a year's worth of 'nip — however, the bags will probably be in shreds long before that)

• Made in the U.S.A.




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"More is Different" — Phillip W. Anderson


This wonderful paper by Anderson, winner of the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physics, appeared in the August 4, 1972 issue of Science.


Yes — it will hurt your head.


But it is worth the read.


41 years after its initial appearance, it hasn't lost a bit of its power.

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Remote Mailbox Sensor — "Stop identity theft"

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.58.33 PM

From the website:



Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.58.39 PM

No More Guessing If The Mail Has Come

It's important for both security and convenience to know when your mail is picked up and/or delivered.

This remote sensor sends a signal whenever your mailbox is opened — four quick beeps and an LED alert light.

Sensor attaches to box with double-stick tape — no wiring required.

Receiver can be placed up to 450 feet (nearly 1/10 of a mile) from sensor and plugs into any standard outlet.

Works on all types of mailboxes — slot, curbside, and wall-mounted.

Includes 12-volt battery.

FCC approved.



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Catme 13/Glass Effect 93: Gray Cat working out in her tree — through Google Glass (video)

Res ipsa loquitur.

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All-in-One Charging Cable/Tripod/Dock for Smartphones (Except iPhone 5)


Nicely done.


From the website:




Charger + Sync Station + Stand + Dock

All of this in one single cable, a cable that lifts your smart phone off the table — out of the reach of spilled soda or coffee — and holds it firmly in place wherever you need it.

Specifications and Details:

• Bend it into a stand for portraits and long exposures

• Use it as a flexible extender for tight spots and weird angles

• Holds your phone in the perfect spot for FaceTime or Skype

• Compatible with iPhone 4 or older (30 pin)

• Android version works with any device charged via MicroUSB

• 24" long extended



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