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October 17, 2013

World Premiere: "Jane & Scratch Box" — Directed by Flautist

YouTube caption: "Yesterday I received an email from Flautist. It read: "Jane & scratch box. Just foolin' around with the camera."

The Georgia auteur comes late as these things go to the cinema scene but I for one look forward to many more of her Motley Apricot Filmworks (heh) productions.

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Hermès Ottoman — by Philippe Nigro

Hermes ottoman

Très chic.

Paris-based Philippe Nigro's a very hot designer on the rise: Hermès was smart to link up with him while he's still relatively cheap.

I have no idea what it costs but I promise you it will be a lot.

Apply within.

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10 Words to Cut From Your Writing — by Shanna Mallon

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.08.19 AM


Shanna Mallon's Twitter is here; her website is here; and here she is on Google+.

Nashville... I mean, she's gotta know Rex Hammock, right? Right?

Rex? Bueller? Anyone?

[via Entrepreneur and Sarah Townsend]

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S'Mores Pillow




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Catme 13/Glass Effect 101— Entering the Holy of Holies, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin (through Google Glass)

Me and my fellow LOBSters on our annual pilgrimage to our hometown Midwest stomping grounds of Milwaukee and Green Bay.

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What is it?

Dip-clips-mini-side-bowls-that-clip-onto-plates-4 copy

Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: Smaller than a bread box. I know, I know....

Another: Not intended for use in the orientation pictured.

A third: That doesn't mean you can't use it that way if you find it works for you.

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