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October 20, 2013

The hidden life of the Secret Sandwich Society


Jess Daddio's story


(above and




about this hidden gourmet sandwich shop in downtown Fayetteville, West Virginia appears in the October issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors.

More on the SSS here and here.

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Bamboo Bread Knife — "Sharpen with sandpaper!"


Can you do that with your bread knife?

Didn't think so.

$12 (bread not included).

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Rock Climber Installs Homemade Reclining Chair 350 Feet Up A Cliff

From 22 words:


A couple weeks ago Redditor Dallin Smith posted this picture


of his friend sitting in a chair that Dallin made out of retired climbing rope.

The chair is bolted to the rock 10 feet over the ledge of a 360-foot cliff.

He and his friends hiked/climbed up the backside of the mountain to reach the precipice and then rappelled down to their insane chair.

Here are some follow-up pictures he posted for the thousands of people who saw his first pic and were interested in more...





After his pics were seen a couple million times, he ended up having to take the chair down and it is now in a much less spectacular location — his garage — as he considers what to do with it.

He's leaning towards auctioning it off on eBay.

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Are you a sleep talker? There's an app for that

"Do you talk in your sleep? Are you sure? Now you can find out!"


"Over 1,500,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.5/5."


Still not convinced?

"Listen to what people around the world have to say in their sleep": Sleep Talk Toplist.

The iPhone app costs 99 cents.

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Using Google Glass along with my reading glasses: A series of experiments

YouTube caption: "I try various permutations and sequences of my reading glasses and Google Glass, seeing if it's possible to use both functionally at the same time. The verdict: sort of."

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Snake Tongs


Excerpts from Paul Saffo's Cool Tools review follow.


We live on the edge of canyon open space and celebrate sharing our ridge with the local wildlife, including the local Northern Pacific rattler. A few times a year, one of our rattlesnake neighbors curls up right next to the house and thus must be gently moved back out beyond our back fence into the open space.

Efficiency is crucial to this process, both for the sake of personal safety and to minimize the stress to the snake. And of course the right tools: snake tongs, a snake hook, and a 5-gallon bucket with proper lid. (Snake pros use a pillowcase or equivalent to bag their quarry; I prefer a bucket with a nice thick plastic wall between me and my potentially unhappy guest).

My favorite tong/stick combo comes from Forestry Suppliers: the Gentle Giant M-1 Series Collapsible Snake Tongs (SKU 81086) and Collapsible Snake Hook (SKU 81061).

The tongs come in either a 1-inch or 2-1/4-inch wide jaw. Unless you are dealing with very large and heavy snakes, get the 1-inch version, as trying to capture a smaller (5 feet long or less) snake with the wide jaws risks the snake being able to wriggle free in the jaws — not a good thing when you are on the other end of the stick.

Also, one can get either a 40-inch or 52-inch length: for our mostly mellow and not-so-big California rattlers, 40 inches is plenty, especially as the longer the tong, the harder it is to manage when one actually has a snake on the end. If I lived in Texas or New Mexico, where the rattlers are bigger and more nasty-tempered, I'd probably get the longer tongs. (Well, actually, I'd just run in the opposite direction.)


M-1 Series Collapsible Snake Tongs: $99.95.

Collapsible Snake Hook: $44.95.

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