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October 21, 2013

Seventh grader Paloma Noyola Bueno lives next to a garbage dump in Mexico. Last year she had the top math score in the country.


Above, the cover of the new issue (November) of Wired magazine, featuring the subject of Joshua Davis's story.

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Balenciaga Marble Silk T-Shirt


"The pure silk composition and loose-fitting style


offer a louche finish,


so wear yours with sleek separates and heels come nightfall."




[via the New York Times]

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Last Saturday's Ohio State University Marching Band tribute to Michael Jackson was BAD!

The best part begins at 4:22 when his white glove makes its appearance and the entire band moonwalks.


I sent the video to my Crack boj Band Critic®™© Flautist for her take: she wrote back, "FanTAStic band — the entire halftime show was fabulous.  Thanks for this!  The Michael Jackson moonwalk really was enchanting, and the glove a wonderful touch.  I love to watch drum corps with their out-of-this-world precision and athleticism, but for fun I'll take a good marching band any day.  Wonderful...."

nuf sed

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OXO's Upscale Uplift Kettle


I've had one of these stainless steel kettles — the basic model — for a number of years, my current one being #2 in a series (I left the first one empty on a red-hot electric burner and burned it beyond recovery).

Now comes OXO with a cork-handled iteration so chic it's being featured in the Museum of Modern Art's store.

A 2008 design by Mark Naden.


Just want function and don't need lagniappe?

The basic model costs $49.99.

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Where I lived 54 years ago — through Google Glass

YouTube caption: "This house was the Milwaukee Jewish Children's Home in 1959 when my mother took me there to live just after my 11th birthday. I resided there until I was 18, when I left for college (UCLA) in 1966. A very good place for me, it turns out: I found stability and safety here, things lacking at home."

The yard to the side of the house was the scene of many great touch football games.

Now the building is some sort of halfway house for troubled men, some of whom appear in the video.

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Motion-Activated Cordless Outdoor LED Light


From websites:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12.38.10 PM



Four amazingly bright LEDs automatically turn on when movement is detected within 25 feet.


And, because it's weatherproof and battery-operated, you can place this light anywhere — no wires, electrical cords, or outlets needed!


The included hardware lets you mount it on a wall — but you can even place it on the ground.

Light swivels and rotates so you can aim it easily.

Operates on four D batteries which will last up to a year under typical use.

A light sensor activates the unit at dusk, conserving power.

Ideal for lighting paths, steps, porches, sheds, patios, etc., but can also be used indoors to light your basement, garage, attic, closet, stairs, or hallway.

At night the LED lights will remain on for approximately 40 seconds after the last detected movement.

If movement is detected while the lights are on, the light resets  and remains on another 40 seconds.

5.5" diameter base.




or Bronze finish:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12.38.14 PM

$24.07 (batteries not included).

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