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October 22, 2013

Dog Travel Canteen


Below, excerpts from Wayne Ruffner's Cool Tools review.




We like to let our dogs take us outside for both our benefits and theirs.

But keeping them hydrated without letting them resort to slurping up who-knows-what from puddles has been a sort of a problem.

We've tried a variety of doggy-intended canteen things: Nalgene bottles & floppy bowls. Little buckets & bottles. Everything was either a pain for us or the dogs weren't interested in some stinky wet plastic — no matter how thirsty they were.

I recently bought some bottles from H2O4K9.com.

The dogs took to them immediately.

The bottles themselves are stainless steel.

The 25-ounce "insulated" version's dog-trough is big enough that both our dogs get water at the same time, sorta, and it looks like it's big enough for large-muzzled pooches.




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From one pet lover to another, this is awesome. Check off one more Christmas goodie.

Posted by: Cass Cannon | Oct 23, 2013 6:11:41 PM

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