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October 1, 2013

Flexible Cutting Board

What took so long?


I don't understand why Apple doesn't put silicone on the back of iPads so we can use them for cutting boards in a pinch.


But I digress.


From The Grommet:


When is a cutting board more than a cutting board?
More than a surface on which to slice and dice, the Chop 'n Drop bends to form a scoop that allows you to easily pour your chopped results into a waiting pot, pan, or bowl.
The Chop 'n Drop is non-stick, will not cross-contaminate, is BPA-free, and it's dishwasher-safe.
12.9" x 9.4"


Set of three (Green, Red, Blue): $14.99.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Let's see, if you combine this with the Conversion Scraper and put it on the back of an iPad, mounted above a treadmill, you can mix, measure, scrape, gape, and chop till you drop, all while watching Grey Cat on video.

Posted by: Marianne | Oct 1, 2013 10:02:12 PM

Hey Joe, they're on Amazon too:
Great idea, then I scrolled down and saw these, also a great idea:
I'm not sure which I like better. The chop n drops are better looking to be sure, but the other offers no-brainer safety. Maybe it's overkill though...

Posted by: tamra | Oct 1, 2013 5:34:22 PM

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