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October 3, 2013

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Do your beans* lose their flavor in the microwave overnight?


Mine don't but then, I can't speak for you.

Here's the thing: about once a month or so I put something in the microwave in the evening, around 9 or 10 p.m., then get distracted or tired or whatevs and don't discover the contents until the next day — sometimes a couple days.

Depending on what it was I nuked, the contents go into the trash or — in the case of baked beans — I just nuke 'em again for a minute and chow.

That got me to thinking about how, many years ago, I solved the problem of leaving wet clothes in the washing machine overnight and sometimes for days by putting a fridge magnet on the kitchen counter where I couldn't miss it so as to serve as a reminder — like tying a string around your finger — to check the washer and move the clothes to the dryer.

So I thought to myself, "yo joe — how about putting that magnet on the counter whenever you put something in the microwave so you don't forget about it?

And lo and behold, it works.

Work smart not hard.

That's the way I like to live.

Bonus: Free, the way I like it.

*Bush's beans — any of the zillions of flavors and styles they now offer — are my default choice.


This just in: Bush's just named Official Baked Beans©™® of bookofjoe.

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About once every 3 or 4 days I reheat my morning coffee (1 cup limit) in the "nuker". About half the time I am too busy (that is why it gets cold) to remember I have not had it yet. Recently, I went to reheat another cup and found yester (or yester-yesterdays). I stay out-of-doors weather permitting (organic gardner) and come in to pay bills, avoid rain, (no longer for most phone calls), and to walk the dogs again.

Your problem is similar, but not as trivial.

I have learned to like cold coffee.

Posted by: Juan Caruso | Oct 3, 2013 7:56:32 PM

Nice suggestion.

I lay a piece of letter size paper on the floor

(where I can't miss it) to remind me of whatever.

If it's really important, I write the event on it.

There is no way you can miss a bright white piece of

paper on the floor even if you have white carpeting (ugh).

Posted by: Joe Peach | Oct 3, 2013 4:47:16 PM

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