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October 3, 2013

Map: Paid Maternal Leave Around the World


The U.S. is one of only eight countries, out of 188 with known policies, without paid leave.

[Map by the New York Times, via TwistedSifter and Joe Peach]

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BTW, a friend noted that Somalia, a very poor country, is on the list of leave-providers. I replied:

As usual, instead of arguing with this "fact" there may be another way to interpret it: Since many of the countries supposedly offering this benefit are much poorer than the US, isn't it possible they are poorer BECAUSE of such mandatory "giveaway" policies? IOW, if Somalia didn't have such policies as mandatory maternity leave, perhaps Somalia wouldn't be quite as poor as it is.

Posted by: PT | Oct 6, 2013 9:38:21 AM

Since this is a feature of the best health care system in the world, I guess we should pray that Obama doesn't ruin it?

Posted by: PT | Oct 5, 2013 8:46:15 AM

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