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November 8, 2013

Roman Army Knife — circa 200 A.D.


Below, excerpts from Charlie Sorrell's article in Wired.



[This] tool... in the  collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England, is startlingly similar to the modern Swiss Army Knife.


Like the Swiss tool, the Roman version has a lot of foldaway implements stowed inside: knife, spike, pick, and — unlike the modern-day equivalent — a fork and a spoon/spatula, making it likely that this iron and silver artifact, found in the Mediterranean area, was meant for eating with.


[via Neatorama]

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Expert's Expert: How to take a better selfie (ugh — I actually used the word)


I hate the word "selfie," it's so stupid but alas it's already gained mention in the Oxford Dictionaries.

Never mind.

Below, excerpts from Roy Furchgott's New York Times review of a new tool to make your s****s (I just can't use it myself a second time, it's too much...) better.


It appears that selfies — those self-portraits of you and your arm — are here to stay, even gaining mention in the Oxford Dictionaries.

But taking the arm's-length photos limits you to head and shoulder shots. The Audiovox ShutterBall, a remote wireless shutter release, can help you frame a larger shot.

The gadget works pretty simply. The ShutterBall is a sphere about the circumference of a quarter with a leash you can loop around a strap — your belt, for example.

Twist the ShutterBall apart to activate the battery, reassemble, then download the ShutterBall app to your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Audiovox estimates the battery will last up to five years.

There is a free app for iPhone 4S through 5, third- and fourth-generation iPads and the iPod Touch fifth generation and later. A different free app works with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

A mini folding phone stand comes with the ShutterBall, but it holds the phone at only one angle.

Now you can back away up to 60 feet for group shots, or activate the video recorder from a distance to catch your first attempt at a skateboarding trick.



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"Who Cares"?* The wonderful titles of early Jasper Johns paintings


Above, "Out the Window" (1959).

Below, "False Start," another 1959 work.


Below, "According to What?" from 1964.


*My Crack Research Team®™© told me to sod off when I pressed them to produce an image of his painting titled "Who Cares?" so you're just going to have to seeth silently along with me about this unintended absence.

Maybe an enterprising reader will send me a picture of the work; should that happen, it'll go up right here as soon as it's received.

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Sheep's milk cheese that comes wrapped in its own wool: It's what's for breakfast!



Florence Fabricant's New York Times Dining Section review: "This cheese from Catalonia comes dressed in sheep's clothing: perfect for the season. Called Llanut, it is made from the milk of rare Ripollesa sheep, and available only in fall and winter. It is wrapped in its own wool to keep it from drying as it ages. It's best to pull the wool off the top of the cheese and scoop the satiny, slightly tangy and herbaceous interior."

8 ounces: $25.95.

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Morning rounds: Gray Cat on the bridge — through Google Glass

YouTube caption: "Where you'll find her first thing after we come downstairs from the bedroom. It's always good to check your perimeter before settling in for a nap atop the toasty cable box: on guard for ME!"

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Blinged-out Earphone Covers: Two views of 302 diamonds — Richard Meier and Tavi Gevinson


The New York Times T Magazine's "Take Two" feature of this Sunday past included Deos earphone covers, "with 302 diamonds set in titanium."

Said über-architect Richard Meier: "I'm one of the few people who doesn't have an iPhone, but I thought these were pretty opulent."

Fashion darling Tavi Gevinson said, "I am a maximalist, and I really appreciate the insanity of these. Wearing them would make me feel like a high school version of Daphne Guinness, which I am down with."


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