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November 11, 2013

Moving a house in San Francisco in 1908 using draught horses


[via ClassicPics and Kathryn Schulz]

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Camo Toilet Paper


From the website: "Hunters used to have it rough [sic]. Time was you'd have to use bunches of leaves and grass to clean up when you was out at huntin' camp, but time rolls on and the scientists keep coming up with new contraptions, like this camo toilet paper."

Two rolls: $12.68.

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"Liking What You See: A Documentary" — by Ted Chiang


I just finished reading this extraordinary 2002 story, part of his collection "Stories of Your Life and Others."

I was delighted to find it available online.

Well worth the time you might spend with it.

According to Wikipedia, "Chiang turned down a Hugo nomination for his short story 'Liking What You See: A Documentary' in 2003, on the grounds that the story was rushed due to editorial pressure and did not turn out as he had really wanted."

FunFact: The image up top isn't that of an actual woman but, rather, a computer composite of 22 finalists for the 2002 Miss Germany competition.

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Electric Cocktail Mixer — Somewhere James Bond is grimacing


"18 ounce capacity; 6500 rpm motor powered by 2 AAA batteries mixes 100 or more cocktails."


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A walk out back — through Google Glass

YouTube caption: "Yesterday I decided to take advantage of an unseasonably warm and sunny November afternoon and wandered down the hillside behind my house."

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Buckshot Speaker lets you listen to music while you ride your bike


Earphones are so over.


From Bloomberg Businessweek:


"You want to listen to music while you're riding your bike, but noise-blocking earphones are a sure path to the ER. The solution? Wirelessly beam playlists or podcasts from your smartphone to the Buckshot, securely strapped to your handlebar. The speaker even has a microphone; if you get a call en route, simply tap the speaker to take the call."


$49.95 (bicycle not included).

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