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November 13, 2013

Experts' Expert: How to increase Twitter timeline type size on your phone


This makes a huge difference in terms of readability and ease of use, and comes to us courtesy of J.D. Biersdorfer, one of the hidden treasures of the New York Times and one of my favorite Grey Lady* functionaries (I think she'll smile seeing herself described that way but we won't really ever know, will we? Unless she deigns to grace this place with a wave of her wand and a sprinkling of fairy dust. But I digress...).

Here's her tip (not one word has been omitted).


Twitter recently added photos and Vine videos alongside regular text updates in news feeds.

But if you use the service on the go and feel that it is slowing down your mobile browsing or puts too much information in your feed, you can turn off the image previews in the app's settings.

To do so in the Android or iOS version of the Twitter app, tap the Me icon on the far right side of the screen.

On the Me screen, tap the gear-shaped icon and choose Settings from the menu.

On the Settings screen, turn off the Image Previews option.

While in the Twitter settings, you can also make other adjustments like turning off sound effects, or increasing or decreasing the type size for your timeline.

Tap the Done or back button when finished.


Do you know how hard it is to give instructions in print on how to do something with a phone or computer that even a TechnoDolt®™© can follow and actually make work?

Nearly impossible.

This gift of Ms. Biersdorfer is worth a hundred world-class code jockeys' skills, IMHO.

And the Times better bump up her salary yesterday if they don't want to lose her to the voracious media sharks circling the wounded beast, taking on serious water now ever since Snowden decided — with good reason, as it turns out — that the paper could no longer be trusted.

*For the first time ever, yesterday I saw the Times referred to as the "Gray Lady" as opposed to what I thought was the pretty well established "Grey Lady" — at least, that's how Wikipedia refers to it.

I think it was in Slate but I'm not certain.




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"Gold Pills" by Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid (J.A.R.K.)


20mm-long capsules containing 24K gold leaf.

From the website:


"Gold Pills" are part of the INDULGENCE range designed by the collaboration of Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich kid (Ken Courtney) in 2005 who stated "Like an addict, all I want is more. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, demand for luxury items is completely created."

As an extension of our obsession with fame, celebrity, and commodities, they designed a line of luxury objects called INDULGENCES (for the man who has absolutely everything).

INDULGENCES addressed the creation of and demand for the unnecessary, directly commenting on the ever-expanding market of luxury items in our culture.

In 2007 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art accessions committee purchased several items from the INDULGENCES range, among them "Gold Pills."


Apiece, $425.

[via cellar and the New York Times]

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Roman Army Knife circa 200 A.D.: Real — or fake?


Last Friday I featured what was billed as a Roman Army Knife circa 200 A.D. (above).

Reader antares commented shortly after it appeared, "Provenance? I think it is a fake."

Huh, I thought to myself.

Who'd a thunk the antiquities experts and curators at the Fitzwilliam Museum could be punked that easily?

But stuff happens.

Then reader tamra chimed in, "Yea, hard to believe, looks steampunk. How did they forge hinges and swivels?...."

antares doubled down the next day with this: "I wonder why this gizmo has a fork in its tool set when there is no evidence that Romans used forks as table implements in the 2nd century A.D. Especially with 3 tines. Ancient forks — 11th century — had only 2 tines."


My response, in the Comments section: "What sayeth the Fitzwilliam Museum?

Reader Flautist took pity on my megalomaniacal sad self and pointed out, in her inimitably gentle way, that perhaps the learned folk at the Fitzwilliam aren't among my regular readers and that therefore they might not see my offer for them to respond.

Wrote Flautist, "I guess somebody with the stones to do it could contact one or several or all of these folks

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.54.16 PM

to check that sucker out."

And thus it appears that, as is so often the case here, the responsibility for carrying out this mission has been placed squarely on my shoulders.

I accept the challenge: Gray Cat and I are preparing our initial letter of inquiry to the Fitzwilliam and you will see it here the moment it goes out.

Stay tuned.

FunFact: After I emailed Flautist to give her a heads-up that the boj provenance project was under way, she responded as follows:

Good on you!
I'm eager to see who comes out on top in "boj readers Roman antiquities experts" vs Fitzwilliam Museum curators.

Me too.

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Dual Function Plush Toast Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Holder


"Tote it anywhere!"


Rechargeable Li-on battery.


Measures 11" x 13" x 4".


Pictured top down: Butta, Crisp, RyRy, Tato.



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McRib v Burger King Rib Sandwich throwdown — through Google Glass

It happened at lunch time yesterday when I drove through Burger King and then McDonald's, scoring a pork sandwich from each venue, which I then proceeded to try side-by-side in the first ever boj Sandwich Throwdown.

I know what you're thinking but I'm not going there.

Above, the results of this epic confrontation, which took place in the front seat of my car.

Was the pretender a contender?

Watch and see the shocking outcome for yourself.

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Wait a second... weren't we just talking about spoon rests the other day?


Never mind.



Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.15.15 PM


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