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November 15, 2013

Ian McEwan and Nima Arkani-Hamed on "Art Meets Science"

YouTube caption: "Join novelist Ian McEwan in lively conversation with theoretical physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed in an exploration of the similarities, differences and connections between art and science."

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Giant East German Military Buoy


From the website:


It doesn't hardly get any better than this: a genuine East German military surplus inflatable ocean buoy (used).

67" high and 50" in diameter, it becomes barrel-shaped when inflated.

In a sea-like gray/green with a tie-down rope on one side, it comes in an olive drab rubberized carrying bag.

Think outside the Baltic Sea harbor space.



[via Steve Woodruff]

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The Art of the Pizza Box


Below, excerpts from Jayne Clark's USA Today story.


Above and below, exemplars.



Scott Weiner, The author of the just-published "Viva la Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box," remembers the first time he became transfixed by a pizza box. It was 2008 when he was traveling in Israel and spied a bright yellow one. Wowed by its color, he snapped a photo and got on with his trip.


A short time later, Wiener began amassing the cardboard receptacles — not a huge stretch for a guy who had just started an enterprise called Scott's Pizza Tours. Today, he has 600 boxes from 42 countries neatly broken down and stacked in his New York apartment.


His favorite? "It depends on the day," he responds. "There is one from Amsterdam with the image of Bart and Homer Simpson (below) — but Bart wears a hat and a beard and Homer has hair (presumably to dodge copyright issues). I was so excited, I think I screamed when I saw it."


The paradox of the artful pizza box is that it really has no role in marketing the pie, so you have to appreciate that someone made the effort for purely aesthetic reasons.


Not surprisingly, the leader in pizza box artistry is Italy, where colorful vignettes play out on the box top as a sort of warm-up to the main attraction inside.


In the U.S, boxes tend toward utilitarian two-color affairs. There are exceptions, however. Tattoo-artist-turned-clothing-designer Ed Hardy created a limited-edition box for Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco (below).


Other boxes are remarkable for their size — for instance, the 54-square-inch Giant Sicilian from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Los Angeles ($218 plus $15 per topping), billed as the "world's largest deliverable pizza."

Still others rely on the written word to convey their pies' attributes: "World Famous"; "Oven Fresh"; and "You've Tried All the Rest, Now Try the Best!" are popular sentiments.

Wiener especially likes this one: "Enjoy Your Delicious Moments."

"What does that even mean?" he says with a laugh.

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Disappearing Clock — "Who knows where the time goes?" is not just a great song


World's first usable quantum clock.


From the website:




When standing in front of the MOCAP wall clock its numbers are clear and visible but walk around it and you'll notice that they seem to slowly dissolve, falling apart into a vague white fuzz. 


This striking optical illusion is created by small white balls that extend various distances from the matte black surface and appear to float effortlessly in the air. 


Designed by J.P. Meulendijks.

23.6"Ø x 3.9"D.





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A run — without image stabilization — through Google Glass

YouTube caption: "As a rule, whenever I upload videos to YouTube from Glass I employ the image enhancement and stabilization tools YouTube makes easily available. For a change, I thought I'd let the raw footage here stand on its own, to give you a sense of how much better the video looks once it's been manipulated post-production."

Compare, for example, the enhanced and stabilized race footage below — 

but do allow for the fact that the running surfaces are much different, the UVA track being perfectly level and my stride length and pattern as a result far more regular than in the unenhanced cross-country run up top.

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Automatic Pot Stirrer


I'm a sucker for stuff like this, even though I know it never ends well.


From the website:




Your new helper in the kitchen can stir anything.


Features and Details:

• Powerful automatic stirrer

• Adjusts to your pot

• Easy to use, clean and store


€59.90 (pot and contents not included).

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