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November 22, 2013

"IKEA" — Alfonso Cuarón

Via Khadijah M. Britton who wrote, "Finally watched 'IKEA' per @monkistan's recommendation. Way better than 'Gravity.' Recommended." 

That's saying something.

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Leaf Thermometer Paper Temperature Reader




From websites:



Designer Hideyuki Kumagai must be a fan of autumn since he has come up with the best way to tell the temperature we've ever seen.

The Leaf looks exactly like its name suggests but it's far more than just a bit of paper foliage — it's a thermometer!

If it's nice and warm (68°-77°F), then expect the leaf to stay its natural green color.

But if it gets colder, the leaf will turn brown, and if hotter it will be become yellow.

The exact science behind the color-changing is a mystery — but it seems to work!

The Leaf comes in two packs of five large leaves or eight smaller ones, meaning you can scatter them around your home or office to tell you the temperature in the most subtle way imaginable.

There is even a little adhesive on the back so you can attach it to a computer or piece of furniture.

Features and Details:

• Large leaves: 2.6" x 6.6"

• Small leaves: 1.7" x 4.4"

• Made in Japan



5 large or 8 small leaves: $22.50.

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The Pigeon Hole gives a demonstration: fo shizzle


"Please tip your server appropriately."


The heart leaps with delight.

Good vibes at this estimable establishment, tucked away down Elliewood Avenue near The Corner here in Podunkville.

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CableBin — Kan Kord Klutter


Wrote Natalia Repolovsky in Shoebox Dwelling,


"The CableBin is a smart and elegant way to manage unruly cordage. The piece resembles a slick dust bin, only instead of paper trash it holds all your bulky surge protectors. It uses adhesive components inside so you can latch hubs to the sidewalls of the bin and let the cables drop down the middle. The lid provides an opening for chargers and connectors to be at the ready when you need them."


From the website:



The CableBin provides an elegant approach to cable management.


It is a sleek cylindrical bin to gather and organize cable clutter and keep it out of sight under desks.


The CableBin uses adhesive components inside so users can latch hubs to the sidewalls of the bin and let the cables drop down the middle.


Light or


Dark laminate finish.


$89.95 (cables and their parent devices not included).

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Gray Cat sleeps — through Google Glass

In my ongoing effort to aid those of you who happen upon this daily post in real time, for one reason or another unable to get to sleep, I continue to film and post these quiet, relaxing videos of Gray Cat in dreamland, in the hope that her presence, even though remote and virtual, may trigger some quiet locus in your seething brain and result in your eyes closing for a little while, affording some respite from the world's clamor and demands.

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1-inch Armor-Plated iPhone Case — World's heaviest and strongest bulletproof protection


From the website:




We all drop our phones.


We chip them, crack them, smash them.

We are terrible owners.

But if you have ever wished you could have total protection for your mobile device, prepare to invest in this 1-Inch Armor-Plated Case for iPhone 4/4s by Marudai Corporation.

Perfect for perhaps a soldier of fortune or for making a phone call in dangerous or contested territory, this is the world's heaviest (and strongest) iPhone case.

Bulletproof (its makers think it could withstand a 50-caliber slug) and with a one-inch steel plate on the back bolted to an aluminum front panel, this is built like a tank.

Naturally all this protection is going to affect the camera lens and the weight — 4 pounds 10 ounces — means you will need both hands to speak on the phone — but this case is about preventing damage to your phone at all costs.

Choose between black or white if you are fussy about aesthetics but either way, there's likely never to be a chip on your phone ever again.

Just please be careful not to drop it on your foot.

Features and Details:

• For iPhone 4/4s

• Weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces

• Size: 138 x 81.8 x 39.6mm (5.4" x 3.2" x 1.6")

• Includes front cover, steel armor plating, M4 cap bolts x 4, wrench, lens

• Please handle carefully as it could cause harm if dropped on your foot etc.

• Phone functionality not 100% guaranteed if case is shot or heavily damaged



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