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May 6, 2014

German Girl Trains Cow as Show Horse


Below, an April 4 story from OddityCentral.



Regina Mayer, a 15-year-old girl from Laufen, Southern Germany, rides her pet cow Luna as if she were a well-trained show horse.


The young girl always wanted her own horse, but her parents kept saying "No," and since she had a stable full of cows at her disposal, Regina decided she was going to try and ride one. After hundreds of hours of training and many baskets of treats, she managed to teach Luna to jump over home-made hurdles, just like a show horse.


Regina remembers that she knew Luna was special ever since she was born, three years ago. The calf came right up to her, she wasn't shy like most other young cattle, and they developed a special friendship ever since. The 15-year-old began riding Luna about six months ago and she even contacted a riding school in Switzerland, and received some tips on how to train and equip the bovine in a way similar to a show horse. The two went for long rides around the countryside of Southern Germany and Luna become more and more comfortable, especially since her friend Regina made sure to give her delicious carrots during each outing.

Young Regina Mayer says Luna is definitely very clever, she knows what she can do and what she can't. Right now she's able to jump over one-meter-high hurdles, but the rider is confident this year they will reach 1.20 meters. She admits people always look at her funny when they see her riding a cow, but she wouldn't dream of trading Luna for a horse. The trained cow has become her best friend, following her around wherever she goes, something a horse would never do.

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Solar Mountie


From the website:


What better way to dignify your flower pot or window sill than with a government official?

Place this solar mountie in the sun and watch as he greets your guests with his distinguished wave.

Always ready to report for duty, he comes in his traditional uniform with a built-in solar panel that doesn't require batteries.



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A Life-Size LEGO Car You Can Actually Drive


It was featured in the April 2014 issue of Popular Science.

Caption for the photo above: "A total of 256 pneumatic LEGO Technic pistons drive four radial engines, which turn the driveshaft and power the oversize rear tires. The car can reach 18 mph — but there are no brakes."

From the story: 


The Super Awesome Micro Project, a full-size car made of 500,000 LEGOs, sprung from an unlikely partnership between Romanian tinkerer Raul Oaida and Australian investor Steve Sammartino. The two met over Skype in 2012, and since then, Sammartino has helped Oaida raise money for his ambitious projects, including a jet-powered bicycle. After they saw a video of a Ferrari 599 GTB made of LEGOs, they set out to build something grander. "If you’re going to make a LEGO car," Sammartino says, "you might as well make it a hot rod." Oaida spent 18 months constructing the compressed-air-powered vehicle and then shipped it to Australia for a test drive. The throttle and steering wheel snapped off, and a few high-pressure air hoses blew, scattering LEGOs everywhere. Oaida’s quick fixes got it running again, but Sammartino thinks the seats still need work. "It might be the most uncomfortable car in automotive history," he says.

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A modest proposal: cut back boj from 7 days/week to 3?

Eight Days a Week new zealand


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.33.29 PM


A month and a half ago, while I was still on hiatus, longtime reader Steve Frisk offered the comment above.

He made a number of points in support of his argument that I would do better by you — my readers — to offer significantly less in the way of posts, currently six daily seven days a week.

What say you?

Keep in mind that up until the fall of 2012, from boj's inception in August of 2004, I put up eight posts daily.

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Hermès Baseball Glove


Below, excerpts from Misty White Sidell's April 25 Daily Mail story.



Never one to shy away from high prices, Hermes has created a $14,100 baseball mitt constructed of hand-stitched gold calfskin. The glove is part of Hermès "Home run" collection, and took 25 man-hours to create in the brand’s French factory.


It comes stamped with Hermès’ signature logo on the inside of the glove — no doubt an appeal for the brand’s diehard Japanese fans, whose home country is also a huge proponent of baseball. But a glove alone would not make sense, which is why the brand has also created a matching $1,925 baseball bat to accompany it.


The bat is made of ash wood and is wrapped at the base with the same leather that comprises the mitt.

Back in 2011 the brand issued a different version of its baseball glove at $8,500.

Robert Chavez, the company's U.S. chief executive, told CBS Marketwatch that that edition sold out: "We didn't realize there were such aficionados out there," he said.


Apply $14,100.

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"Dream of owning PopDeluxe.com? OUR SITE IS FOR SALE!

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 5.00.51 PM

Apply within.

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Cloud USB Hub


4 USB 2.0 high-speed ports.

8.25" x 6" x 1.25". 


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