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May 14, 2014

The most trendy names in U.S. history

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Marble Proust Chair

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From the New York Times: "Alessandro Mendini's Proust Chairrecreated in marble by Robot City/Italian Art Factory, was shown at 'Solid Senses', an exhibition in Milan's Lambrate district."

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"Books not to be forgotten" — A book list (Part 2 of 2) by Sandy McAdams, owner of Daedelus Used Book Shop


As promised at this time yesterday, the flip side of McAdams' "Books not to be forgotten."*

*"But not necessarily remembered."

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Limited-Edition Rechargeable One-Wheel Motorcycle


Wrote Amber Williams in the April 2014 issue of Popular Science, "The Ryno looks like the love child of a motorcycle and a unicycle. But unlike either, there's little balancing required: A gyroscope and accelerometers help keep a rider upright. Leaning forward accelerates the electric bike to speeds up to 10 mph."

Features and Details:

• Weighs 160 pounds

• 260 pound capacity

• 6 hour charge time

• Custom steel framed LED headlights

Still not sold?

Watch the video.


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Experts' Expert: Is it safe to eat dirty mushrooms?


C. Claiborne Ray's April 21 Q&A in the New York Times Science section addressed this question as follows.

Q. It is often hard to wash off the growing medium from store-bought mushrooms. Is it safe to eat? Should the stems be further trimmed?

A. Though it is always a good idea to rinse off fruits and vegetables, the consumer is not at much risk from commercially grown mushroom residue, in the opinion of Kathie T. Hodge, an associate professor of mycology at Cornell.

"Even if you don’t clean the mushrooms, it’s probably fine," said Dr. Hodge, who writes the Cornell Mushroom Blog.

Common grocery store mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus, which include the white button, cremini and portobello varieties, "are grown in what is basically compost," she said. "It's usually heat-treated, not entirely sterile, but a lot of organisms have been killed."

Every producer has its own recipe, including organic things like straw, peat moss, manure if it is obtainable, canola meal or cottonseed meal, and inorganic things like lime or gypsum. Then it is allowed to compost — that is, ferment — and then it is heat-treated, "trying to get rid of most things so the mushrooms will take over," Dr. Hodge said.

Mushrooms can rot like anything else, she said, and the rotten ones should not be eaten. But cutting off the stem ends is purely cosmetic. And commercially grown mushrooms are certainly safer than mushrooms gathered in the woods by nonexperts.

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Google Glass on the cheap: why pay more?



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