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May 23, 2014

Wood Clutch


Designed by Tesler + Mendelovitch.


From the website:



These architectural, artisanal wood skin purses are constructed from 100% wood, 100% hide.

While the geometric surface design provides necessary flexibility, the wood texture is soft to the touch, at once both delicate and wear resilient, timeless yet innovative.

Due to the natural grain and tone changes in wood, each clutch will differ slightly and no two will ever be identical.

All wood used is hand selected and individually and meticulously crafted to the highest standard.

Features a magnetic clasp and soft underbelly for a comfortable grip.


Small: 11.8"W x 5.5"H x 2.8"D

Large: 15.7"W x9"H x 3.3"D

Woods: African Walnut, American Walnut, Birch, Emboya, Rosewood, Ebony



From $599.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Robotic Face-Tickling Pillow for Sleep Apnea

Wrote Robert J. Szczerba on Forbes: "Jukusui-Kun, which means 'Deep Sleep,' is a robotic pillow designed to help reduce sleep apnea and severe snoring. Created by researchers at Tokyo's Waseda University, the robot is disguised as a stuffed polar bear and monitors the user while sleeping. Since sleep apnea is associated with decreased blood oxygen saturation, the pillow has a pulse oximeter attached to the sleeper's hand (in the form of a baby bear), which tracks the amount of oxygen in the blood. Jukusui-Kun also has an embedded microphone inside the pillow that measures the loudness of snoring. The pillow wirelessly connects to a terminal that analyzes the data and remotely controls the bear. Once a threshold level of snoring volume or blood oxygen level is reached, the robotic bear will slowly raise its paw and touch the sleeper's face, causing the sleeper to roll over and restart normal breathing. The action is intended to correct the user's sleeping behavior and position without waking them. As seen in the video above, changing sleeping position from the back to the side can reduce the amount of snoring. This unique (and somewhat creepy) robotic pillow is still in the demonstration phase and has yet been set for commercial availability."

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32,000 piece Keith Haring puzzle


From The Worst Things For Sale: "This 32,256-piece puzzle is even larger than the last big puzzle I reviewed. It's seventeen feet long, so you'll need at least a seventeen-foot-long unused room in your house to assemble it, and then a seventeen-foot-long wall to hang it on. It comes with a hand truck to help you move the box around."


"Unfortunately, according to reviews, the pieces don't fit together very well, which is kind of essential for a jigsaw puzzle."



[via Richard Kashdan]

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The ever-whimsical Mark Frauenfelder's "Dead Tool"


One thing I find pretty much lacking online is the ability to laugh at oneself and not take yourself all that seriously.

I mean, come on, who among us hasn't made a fool of him or herself in plain sight?

It happens.

Thus, when I read Cool Tools Editor-in-Chief Mark Frauenfelder's January 6, 2014 post "unrecommending" a retractable cable lock (top) that had proved sorely lacking after being featured as a "Cool Tool" ten days earlier I smiled with admiration. 

Would that we all took a lesson from him.



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