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June 6, 2014

Fordite: aka Motor Agate & Detroit Shale


From Damon Lavrinc's May 23 Jalopnik story: "You won't find Fordite digging through your backyard. It's also called Detroit Shale, but it's not a mineral or a gemstone. It's actually dozens of layers of baked paint culled from auto factories and polished into everything from pebbles to earrings."


"Fordite began life in old factories where automakers spray-painted cars by hand. Overspray accumulated on the tracks and skids where vehicles were painted, and over the course of dozens — sometimes hundreds — of coats, the paint would build up. These layers would wind up in the paint-curing ovens where it would harden under the heat."


"Over time, the build-up would have to be removed from the tracks, and a few enterprising factory workers chunked off the stuff and pocketed it."


"Fifty years later, there's a finite amount of Fordite on the planet, and since no one hand paints cars at scale, it's also expensive, with even small rings going for $200.


"Check out the photos and it's like a topographical journey through the history of car colors. You can see the grey primer coat, followed by countless colors that defined the 60s and 70s. And there's some geography in there, too. Ohio Fordite primarily comes from factories that painted commercial vehicles, so you'll find more earth tones, while Detroit Fordite is chock full of yellows, oranges, reds, and blues used on consumer vehicles."

[via Richard Kashdan]

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Quizlet: "Superior flash card system"


I'd never heard of Quizlet until I read Tywen Kelly's March 28 Cool Tools review (below).


Kevin Kelly (Tywen's dad) wrote, "Quizlet is used almost daily by 12 million people but you've never heard of it unless you have a high school student. It’s a cloud-based flash card app. Here's how my high school son explains it.


Quizlet is what I and all my friends use to study vocabulary or anything else we have to memorize for class. It is super easy and super fast to add a card. No paper, auto-define buttons, lots of keyboard shortcuts make the process of creating a Quizlet quick and painless. Because Quizlets are all stored in the cloud, I can access them from anywhere and not worry about losing track of them. I usually type the cards on my laptop and then review/test on my phone. I can easily share my Quizlets with friends. There's built in gamification for testing myself which makes memorizing a million words less of a daunting task. Quizlet also has a lot of other features which I haven't yet tried; to me it is mostly a practical memorization aid. The best feature of all though, is that it’s completely free!

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Could Soylent Replace Food?

YouTube caption: "A sommelier, a gastroenterologist, a personal trainer, and a [New York] Times dining reporter tested out Soylent to see if it could one day replace food for them."

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Outdoor Cable Stabilizers


You know how those thick black wires for your cable and/or satellite TV have, over the years, worked their way free from their original placements on your home by the cable and/or satellite guy and now just hang down?

That's because the fasteners they used have, over time, worked their way free from their original insertion points.

Herewith, DIY relief.

From the website:


Made for nailing major cables to outside walls, these Gardner Bender "Service Entrance Cable Staples/Straps" are stabilized against UV and extreme cold so they won't rust, crack or deteriorate.

You'll get 3 packs (at least 2 different) of 4 or 5 staples in approximately 5/8" to 7/8" horseshoe or U-shapes, all with zinc-plated nails.



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The Writing of Stones (5)


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Ring of Leaves









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