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June 17, 2014

My not so beautiful, seemingly endless depression: is it over?


In December of last year (2013, for cryin' out loud, six months ago but who's counting?) — me, minute by minute, if truth be told — I noticed the all too familiar signs and symptoms of clinical depression, a very bad place I last visited in 2001 and before that in 1991 and 1977, each episode lasting three to six months by the objective calendar but, as they happened, made up of days and in fact hours and minutes which seemed frozen, as if the clock had stopped, carrriers of nearly unbearable emotional pain and misery.

Every time depression struck, I hoped it would be the last time but so far no such luck.

Anyway, constant readers will know that things got so bad that I suspended bookofjoe in December 2013 after over nine years of daily posting, returning last month, on May 1 to be exact.

So far I've been able to keep to my daily posting schedule but I will admit that it's been difficult.

Though I'm not pretty much nonfunctional as I was in January and February of this year, I'm certainly not back to my usual and customary cheerful, positive self.

At least, I wasn't until this morning, when I woke up not feeling miserable for the first time since late last year.

I'm writing these words at 12:25 p.m. today: whether my improved mood will hold up through the day, I'll know by the time you read these words.

Sure hope so.

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HELLO my name is ...


I can't recall the last time I put one of these sticker-style IDs on: must be decades....





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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Spatula stain remover

Scan 6

True confession: a stained silicone spatula has never really troubled me or even struck me as a problem — but that just goes to show how out of it I am, that I could live with this sort of thing all these years and never even notice it, much less find it irksome.

The always informative "Notes From Readers" feature of Cook's Illustrated, in the July & August 2014 issue, led off with the question "Is there a way to remove stains from silicone spatulas?" submitted by reader Lila Tullock of New Haven, Connecticut.

Below, the response of Cook's Illustrated's Crack Research Team.


When silicone spatulas pick up stains from tomato sauce, turmeric, or pesto, often even an aggressive soapy scrubbing won't get them completely clean. So we set out to find a better cleaner.

After staining one set of white silicone spatulas bright yellow with a turmeric-and-water paste and another set red with tomato sauce, we soaked each one in potential stain fighters: white vinegar, a slurry of dish soap and baking soda, 3% hydrogen peroxide, a bleach solution (made by diluting 2-1/2 tablespoons of bleach in 2 cups of water, and a control mixture of soapy water. After 24 hours of soaking, only the spatulas soaked in hydrogen peroxide or the bleach solution were back to their original white. 

Our science editor explained that while soap can help break up and wash away oil, to remove intensely colored stains, the compounds that provide the color need to be broken down into colorless molecules. Hydrogen peroxide and bleach are both oxidants, a type of compound that excels at this task. Just remember to wash your stain-free spatulas in warm soapy water before use.

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Retro 8 Bit Gaming Roller Blinds


Arcade game fans, your window treatment just came in.


Apply within.


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The Writing of Stones (16)


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Flexible strainer eliminates — or at least lessens — the "yuck" factor


"Tosses drain waste without the mess."




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