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July 8, 2014

"Livadia," a yacht used by the Russian Tsar

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 2.41.58 PM







[via humus and English Russia]

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Masunaga Wink Glasses — Anti-sleep blink sensor lens


Almost more than I can wrap my head around.


From the website:


Get sleepy at work? Need to stay awake and get things done? Well, there's another way to help you burn the midnight oil (or just stave off that post-lunch afternoon drowsiness) with the Masunaga Wink Glasses, now available again and finally here for overseas shipping. These clever specs can detect when you haven't blinked in five seconds and fog up one of the lens.

This simple function will then "jolt" the eyes and make them focus, thus waking you up before you drop off fully. Men blink once every three seconds; women once every four seconds. So any longer than this and you are slowing down, which generally means you are getting sleepy. Don't let yourself fall asleep at your desk again! This set of glasses and frames is compact and lightweight, and powered by a USB and/or battery that can go for eight hours.

Weight: 5.8g (0.2 oz) (glasses); 1.4g (0.04 oz) (battery case)



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How an acoustic guitar works


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Micromuff — "Reduce wind noise on camera microphones"


Reviewed by Dan Beale-Cocks on Cool Tools as follows.


I use a small camera (Cisco Flip) to take video. It's great for what I do, except small amounts of wind cause a lot of noise.

That's where Micromuff helps. You have a small Velcro patch that glues to your camera, and a wind muff that attaches to the Velcro. I've been using MicroMuff Original for about six months, and it's brilliant. I can hear people talking, not wind blowing.

I don't think there’s anything similar, unless you're going for professional external microphones and "proper" wind muffs. But even then this is handy because it makes syncing audio easier.



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The Writing of Stones (37)


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