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August 4, 2014

Lash Queen Fatal Blacks — "A weapon of fatal seduction"


Wrote Bruce Sterling, "Normally I'm pretty cool about cosmetic ads, but the Rubenstein operation is overdoing it at the airport duty-free."

What say you?

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Density Desk Set


"You get perfect cubes of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, acrylic, oak, nylon, pine, poplar, and PVC."


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And then we came to the end (of "The Writing of Stones")


I wasn't sure, back in May when I happened on Roger Caillois' 1970 book and then decided to see what it would be like to feature two pages of it every morning at 4:01 a.m., in effect taking the book in its entirety, freely available here, and breaking it down into much more easily navigable segments, if it was a good idea or not.

I still have no idea if it was worth the time and energy it took me to post it.

I wonder if anyone read the entire thing (besides Marguerite Yourcenar, who wrote the introduction).

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"When pigs fly" Flying Pig


From the website: "Toss this pig and when it flies it actually flaps its flame-tipped piggy wings. Measures 3-1/4" x 1/2" in appropriately pink foam and has a 9" wingspan. Especially useful if your father threatens you with things like 'when pigs fly....'"


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The Writing of Stones (64)


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