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August 5, 2014

U.S. Farmer's Market Directory

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From Smithsonian.com: "Though the idea of a place where farmers can sell their wares is hardly revolutionary, the local farmer's market has seen a boom that's raised it from hipster/yuppie food trend to integral part of the urban and suburban cityscape. Twenty years ago, a mere 1,755 farmers' markets were scattered across the country. Since then farmers' markets have seen fruitful growth. On Saturday, USDA came out with its latest round of stats and revealed that over the past five years the number of farmers’ markets in the United States has jumped from 4,685 in 2008 to 8,268 in 2014; that's a 76 percent hike."

Everything you ever wanted to know about farmers' markets is right here.

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Bladeless Handheld Misting Fan


"Quietly blows a steady stream of unbuffeted cool air with mist to help you feel refreshed."

Kid- and pet-safe.



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45 years ago


[via Bruce Sterling]

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Heart and Star Vegetable and Fruit Molds


From The Green Head : "These cool new Veggie Molds slip over vegetables and fruits as they're growing to mold them over time into fun star and heart shapes come harvest. These reusable molds are able to shape tomatoes, cucumbers (and pickles later), eggplants, squash, limes, zucchini, and more, and are BPA-free, food-safe, and UV-protected. Your kids may be much more excited to eat their heart and star-shaped vegetables and you probably will too. A unique gift for anyone who loves gardening and growing their own."

"UV-protected": why?

If anyone buys these and succeeds in growing one of these funky shaped vegetable or fruits, I promise to feature your triumph here.


From $11.95.

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