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August 1, 2014

Cat Feeder with Facial Recognition

What took so long?

From Scientific American


Facial recognition systems match a face, for example, at an airport or border crossing, with a photo and identity on file. Now Taiwan inventor Mu-Chi Sung thinks that this stealthy technology could also be used with other potentially uncooperative individuals — his cats.

Sung adapted facial recognition so it could be part of his Bistro smart cat feeder. Bistro features food and water dishes inside a clear plastic enclosure big enough for a cat to slip its head in. Sensors measure how much the cat consumes. Bistro's target is multi-cat households, so a camera studies the cat's face to determine which feline is feeding. Owners can thus know whether a fat cat is pigging out while less aggressive housemates go hungry.

Sung created an Indiegogo campaign, hoping to make them available starting next March.


$179 (cat[s] not included).

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This would be worth the price to me if it could be set to allow only a recognized cat to eat/drink. Then I could put it outside without feeding every cat in the neighborhood!

Posted by: MsRadoo | Aug 2, 2014 11:41:27 AM

Oh God.

Posted by: Flautist | Aug 1, 2014 5:49:02 PM

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